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Facts machine
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10/07/2004 12:50 AM ET
Facts machine
Chavez joins Lane in exclusive long-ball club
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When Houston's Jason Lane homered in his first-ever postseason at-bat on Wednesday, and Raul Chavez followed suit on Thursday, they became just the ninth and 10th players in Major League history to do that, making it three in as many days after Tom Wilson of the Dodgers did it on Tuesday.

Facts machine: Going deep the first time out
Year Player Team
1933 Mel Ott New York Giants
1936 George Selkirk New York Yankees
1954 Dusty Rhodes New York Giants
1966 Brooks Robinson Baltimore Orioles
1967 Jose R. Santiago Boston Red Sox
1979 John Lowenstein Baltimore Orioles
1996 B.J. Surhoff Baltimore Orioles
Tuesday Tom Wilson Los Angeles Dodgers
Wednesday Jason Lane Houston Astros
Thursday Raul Chavez Houston Astros

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