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Familiar foes face off in LCS
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10/10/2004 1:22 PM ET
Familiar foes face off in LCS
Division rivals in AL East, NL Central meet in playoffs
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According to the seeding rules used for the postseason, a Wild Card team cannot play a team from its own division in the first round of the postseason. Since the advent of the Wild Card, teams from the same division have met in the League Championship Series five previous times, and both of this season's LCS feature clubs from the same division squaring off.

This year's NLCS between the Astros and Cardinals marks the first time two clubs from the NL Central have met in the postseason. Three of the meetings have been between the Red Sox and Yankees.

Familiar foes
Year Round Division Result
1996 ALCS AL East New York Yankees 4, Baltimore 1
1997 NLCS NL East Florida 4, Atlanta 2
1999 ALCS AL East New York Yankees 4, Boston 1
1999 NLCS NL East Atlanta 4, New York Mets 2
2003 ALCS AL East New York Yankees 4, Boston 2
2004 ALCS AL East Boston vs. New York Yankees
2004 NLCS NL Central Houston vs. St. Louis

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