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Fans ready for Pedro
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10/13/2004 11:58 AM ET
Fans ready for Pedro
Comments spark chants from Yankees faithful
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The electricity of Yankee Stadium in October promises to be supercharged for tonight's Game 2 of the American League Championship Series.

And while conventional trash-talk wisdom generally pits an opponents' mother at the heart of the fray, tonight's focus will assuredly be on dads -- specifically, Pedro Martinez's.

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After the Red Sox ace lost to the Yankees on Sept. 24, his third straight loss to the Bombers, Martinez's frustration reached a boiling point.

"I wish they would disappear and never come back. ... What can I say? I just tip my hat and call the Yankees my daddy."

Tonight, Martinez will face the Yankees for the first time since those comments.

The Yankee faithful gave Martinez and the Red Sox a taste of what to expect in Game 1 on Tuesday with chants of "Who's your daddy?" during New York's 10-7 victory.

Running out to an early six-run lead, and building it to 8-0 before Boston put together a late rally, only made the chorus louder. Expect those chants to be even louder tonight as the Yankees try to go up 2-0 with Martinez himself on the mound.

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