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10/15/2004 12:16 AM ET
Facts machine
Taking 2-0 lead in LCS play a great way to start
tickets for any Major League Baseball game
Since the introduction of the seven-game League Championship Series in 1985, teams that have taken a 2-0 advantage in the LCS have won the series in 13 of 15 instances. The only two times teams didn't advance to the World Series after going up 2-0 both came in 1985, with the Dodgers falling to the Cardinals' four straight victories and the eventual world champion Royals coming back against the Blue Jays.

Teams that took 2-0 advantage in LCS play
Year Series Team Opponent Result
2004 NLCS St. Louis Houston ?
2004 ALCS New York Boston ?
2002 NLCS San Francisco St. Louis Won (SF 4, STL 1)
2001 ALCS New York Seattle Won (NYY 4, SEA 1)
2000 NLCS New York St. Louis Won (NYM 4, STL 1)
1999 ALCS New York Boston Won (NYY 4, BOS 1)
1999 NLCS Atlanta New York Won (ATL 4, NYM 2)
1998 NLCS San Diego Atlanta Won (SD 4, ATL 2)
1995 NLCS Atlanta Cincinnati Won (ATL 4, CIN 0)
1993 ALCS Toronto Chicago Won (TOR 4, CHI 2)
1992 NLCS Atlanta Pittsburgh Won (ATL 4, PIT 3)
1990 ALCS Oakland Boston Won (OAK 4, BOS 0)
1989 ALCS Oakland Toronto Won (OAK 4, TOR 1)
1988 ALCS Oakland Boston Won (OAK 4, BOS 0)
1987 ALCS Minnesota Detroit Won (MIN 4, DET 1)
1985 ALCS Toronto Kansas City Lost (KC 4, TOR 3)
1985 NLCS Los Angeles St. Louis Lost (STL 4, LA 2)

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