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Facts machine
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10/17/2004 3:00 AM ET
Facts machine
ALCS Game 3 filled with postseason records
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Postseason records tied or set in Game 3
Hits, both clubs 37 Postseason record
Extra-base hits, team 13 (Yankees) Postseason record
Game length 4:20 Postseason record for nine-inning game
Doubles, team 8 (Yankees) Tied postseason record set in 1906 and 1925 World Series
Total bases, team 44 (Yankees) Postseason record
Runs scored, player 5 (Matsui, Rodriguez) Tied postseason record
League Championship Series records
Runs scored, both clubs 27 LCS record, 3rd highest in postseason history
Most runs through three innings, both clubs 12 LCS record, 4th highest in postseason history
Runs scored, team 19 (Yankees) LCS record, 2nd highest in postseason history
Hits, team 22 (Yankees) Tied LCS record (with ATL from Game 5 of '96 NLCS)
HRs, team 4 (Yankees) Tied LCS record
Single-game BA, team .468 (Yankees) Tied LCS record
RBIs, player 5 (Matsui) Tied LCS record
AB in a game, player 6 (Matsui, Williams, Sierra) Tied LCS record
Extra-base hits, player 4 (Matsui) Tied LCS record
Doubles, player 2 (Rodriguez, Matsui) Tied LCS record

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