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10/24/2004 11:38 PM ET
Facts machine
Red Sox take important 2-0 World Series advantage
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Forty-nine teams have now jumped out to a 2-0 lead in the World Series, with 37 of those going on to win the championship (77.1%). Fourteen of the last 19 series, starting in 1985, have now headed to Game 3 with one team on top, 2-0. Ten of the 14 went on to win the Series, with the outcome of this World Series still up in the air.

Past 14 clubs with a 2-0 advantage
Year Team ahead 2-0 Opponent Series outcome
2004BostonSt. LouisTBD
2001ArizonaNY YankeesArizona, 4-3
2000NY YankeesNY MetsNY Yankees, 4-1
1999NY YankeesAtlantaNY Yankees, 4-0
1998NY YankeesSan DiegoNY Yankees, 4-0
1996AtlantaNY YankeesNY Yankees, 4-2
1995AtlantaClevelandAtlanta, 4-2
1991MinnesotaAtlantaMinnesota, 4-3
1990CincinnatiOaklandCincinnati, 4-0
1989OaklandSan FranciscoOakland, 4-0
1988Los AngelesOaklandLos Angeles, 4-1
1987MinnesotaSt. LouisMinnesota, 4-3
1986BostonNY MetsNY Mets, 4-3
1985St. LouisKansas CityKansas City, 4-3
Home teams have taken a 2-0 lead 34 times and have won 28 of those World Series. The Yankees lost to the Dodgers after taking a 2-0 lead in 1981, but since then, the last nine home teams to take a 2-0 edge have won the series.

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