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10/25/2004 2:23 AM ET
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Foulke delivers for Red Sox in postseason
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Keith Foulke has carried a sparkling 0.00 ERA through the 2004 postseason while pitching 12 outstanding innings of relief for Boston.

Foulke in the postseason
Game Team Dec. IP H R ER BB SO HR ERA
2000 ALDS G1CWSL233312213.50
2000 ALDS G3 CWS0.11001000.00
2000 Totals0-13.143322211.57
2003 ALDS G1OAK30002300.00
2003 ALDS G2OAK11000000.00
2003 ALDS G4OAKL132200018.00
2003 Totals0-154222303.60
2004 ALDS Game 2BOSS1.10000200.00
2004 ALDS Game 3BOS1.22001300.00
2004 ALDS Totals0-0, 132001500.00
2004 ALCS Game 1BOS0.10000000.00
2004 ALCS Game 2BOS0.20001100.00
2004 ALCS Game 4BOS2.20002300.00
2004 ALCS Game 5BOS1.11001000.00
2004 ALCS Game 6BOSS10002200.00
2004 ALCS Totals0-0, 161006600.00
2004 WS Game 1BOSBS, W1.22001300.00
2004 WS Game 2BOS1.10000200.00
2004 WS Totals1-032001500.00
2004 Postseason totals1-0, 21250081600.00
Career postseason1-2, 220.11355122122.21

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