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Granderson: Avoiding injury in right
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10/26/2004 12:33 PM ET
Granderson: Avoiding injury in right
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Curtis Granderson is an outfielder in the Detroit Tigers organization. A third-round draft pick in the 2002 draft, Granderson had a breakout, All-Star season with Double-A Erie this year, hitting .303 with 21 homers and 93 RBIs for the SeaWolves.

He's a member of the Grand Canyon Rafters for the Fall League season. In his first 32 at-bats, he's hit .375 with a .447 OBP and three steals.

Hey everyone!

It has now been a full two weeks of games here in the Fall League and I have seen some interesting things both on and off the field that I could comment on.

On the field, players have numerous superstitions they have and rituals they go through before the game, during the game and after the game. Jason Kubel, an outfielder in the Twins organization, had just made his arrival here to Arizona and was playing right field his second day here. Not even two innings into the game, he had a collision with second basemen Ryan Raburn (DET) which didn't have a happy ending. Jason ended up tearing his ACL, MCL, meniscus and some tendons. Because of the severity of the injury, Jason is now finished for the fall league and is heading home.

The next day Jeff Francoeur (ATL) was the starting right fielder. He hit a soft spot in the outfield fielding a ground ball and ended up leaving the game. His injury wasn't nearly as bad as Kubel's; Jeff is day-to-day.

Here's where the superstitions come into play. The third day after the two previous injuries, I was the starting right fielder. It was very easy to be concerned about making it through that game healthy. By the ninth inning of that game I was still standing healthy and I made it through that game from start to finish. Even though I had made it through the game, I definitely was worried about making it.

Off the field, this is the final week of the month of October. To close out this month we end with my favorite time of year, Halloween. I love the idea of being spooked and dressing up to be either funny or scary. It gives people the opportunity to dress up how they really feel but are too afraid at any other time of year to express it.

This year, I plan on going as the late great Rick James, if I can find everything to make my costume work, from the wig with braids, to the tight flashy gear he wore back in his superstar/superfreak time. Other teammates are also trying to find costumes that will be funny as well to help celebrate Halloween this weekend. Hopefully, a majority of my teammates will try to find that kid still inside of them and dress up for this Halloween weekend.

Next week, I'll hopefully have a story or two to tell about the weekend. Until then, keep sending your e-mails in and I'll answer some questions next week.


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