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10/27/2004 11:49 PM ET
Facts machine
Teams with the best record swept in seven Series
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The 2004 World Series marks the 18th sweep in history, and just the seventh time the team on the losing end of a four-game World Series sweep had the best regular-season record.

Series sweeps over clubs with the best record
Year Loser Regular Season Winner Regular Season
1914Philadelphia (AL)99-53Boston (NL)94-59
1922New York (AL)94-60New York (NL)93-61
1954Cleveland114-43New York (NL)97-57
1963New York (AL)104-57Los Angeles99-63
1999Atlanta103-59New York (AL)98-64
2004St. Louis105-57Boston98-64
The 1998 New York Yankees, who went 114-48 in the regular season, are the last team to cap a season with both the best record in baseball and a world championship.

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