ST. LOUIS -- Cardinals shortstop Cesar Izturis may have prematurely ended his right-handed-hitting only experiment, but in his eyes, it is the right decision.

On July 23, Izturis announced he would no longer switch-hit, batting from the right side only. Even though he was batting .310 in the eight games since, he feels more comfortable facing right-handed pitchers from the left side of the plate.

"I was trying to do something different -- trying to get my confidence back," Izturis said. "But it never crossed my mind that I wanted to hit all right-handed."

Having to hit sinkers and sliders from right-handed pitchers became problematic for Izturis, who said he felt out of place in those types of situations.

Izturis went back to switch-hitting while the Cardinals were in Atlanta and felt he rediscovered his stroke to the point where he now feels it makes more sense to switch-hit again.

"He's actually been swinging better, I thought, left-handed a couple of times," manager Tony La Russa said.