ST. PETERSBURG -- Dioner Navarro continues to be sidelined with a stiff neck.

The Rays catcher suffered the freak injury Wednesday, when he took his family to the airport. After dropping them off, he went to rejoin them, and that's when the injury occurred.

"When I got off the elevator, I looked to the right [for my family]," Navarro said. "When I looked to the left, my neck popped. And it's been like that for four days. It's unbelievable. I'm a magnet for the freak stuff."

Navarro has had his share of unconventional injuries since joining the team via a trade with the Dodgers during the 2006 season. He got hit in the throat with a ball in a game against the Marlins in 2007 that saw him get carted off the field, and he severely cut his hand on the netting hanging from the dugout railing when he slipped on the steps at Yankee Stadium in 2008.

Navarro played catch for the first time on Sunday.

"[I'm] feeling better and better every day," Navarro said. "We're going to keep treating it. Like I said, it's getting better and better every day, so we'll see what happens."

When asked if he thought his neck would put him on the disabled list, Navarro replied: "We haven't got there yet."

Tampa Bay has three catchers on the 25-man roster. Based on playing time, Navarro appears to be third in the pecking order behind John Jaso and Kelly Shoppach. Normally, the Rays carry just two catchers, which seemingly makes Navarro vulnerable to a roster move -- particularly when Jason Bartlett returns from the disabled list on Wednesday.

Navarro said he's not worried about what might happen.

"[I'm] worried about my neck right now," Navarro said. "I just have to get myself back into a comfortable position. I haven't been comfortable for the last four days. I didn't realize how much you used your neck for. ... I can't control that stuff."

Ruggiano in the house

ST. PETERSBURG -- Outfielder Justin Ruggiano was recalled from Triple-A Durham on Saturday, when Gabe Kapler went on the 15-day disabled list with a right hip flexor strain.

Despite a left-biceps problem that sidelined him for two weeks, Ruggiano, 28, was having a nice season for the Bulls, hitting .291 with four home runs, 19 RBIs, and 12 stolen bases in 44 games.

"I'm just going to play it by ear, and hopefully get an opportunity to help the club," Ruggiano said.

Ruggiano was last in the Major Leagues in 2008 and he is excited to be back.

"It's been a year," Ruggiano said. "I was gone all of last year and it's been a few months this year. So I was happy to get the phone call. Feels like my first time."

Watch out for the bunt

ST. PETERSBURG -- Carlos Pena has been on a hot streak of late, as he's hit a home run in six consecutive games and had hit seven homers total. Friday night after he had already homered, Pena dropped down a bunt for a single to try and help the team get baserunners in the game they eventually lost to the Marlins.

The Tampa Bay baseman normally faces a shifted defense when he hits, which has prompted him on occasion to put down a bunt to try and beat the shift. Because he now has some experience bunting, one would assume that the Rays' slugger had grown more comfortable when laying one down. But that isn't exactly the case.

"To be honest, it's still nerve racking for me," Pena said. "But I try to keep myself under control, then lay it down. I think it's a lot harder than people think. You know if you don't get it down and the pitcher fields it, it's just a dumb play."

Dig that beat

ST. PETERSBURG -- Evan Longoria shares his obsession in the July issue of Maxim: the drums.

In the article, Longoria talks about picking up the drumsticks not so long ago: "Last season Greg Zaun brought this electronic drum set to the field. I'd get in early and go and play by myself until I could hold a beat. I'm still bad." Longoria says. "There's a little storage room hidden in Tropicana field. There are two guitars and a drum set. We go back there and hang out. We have some bassists but no lead guitarists."

When asked by Maxim who he would pick for his all-star band, Longoria replied: "If I'm gonna be on drums, the band's first order of business would be to find another drummer. Tommy Lee would be good."

The July issue of Maxim is on sale nationwide on Tuesday, June 22.