If you're looking for some league-wide clarity that transcends the standings, you're in luck.

The inaugural MLB.com Power Rankings will be revealed today at 5:30 p.m. ET as part of a live show, and the rankings will be updated each week throughout the rest of the regular season. The top 15 teams will be selected based on the votes of six seasoned analysts, each of whom will take the standings and that week's results into account.

Two former Major League players -- Larry Dierker and Jeff Nelson -- will be part of the process, as will Carlton Thompson, vice president and executive editor of MLB.com. Former general manager and current MLB.com analyst Jim Duquette will lend his expertise, as will resident statistical expert Cory Schwartz and MLB.com columnist Jesse Sanchez.

All told, the group carries decades of experience in the game, and their rankings will be discussed in a weekly program. The first installment will air Monday, and fans can be part of the show by e-mailing live@mlb.com to express their opinions and ask questions of their own.