LOS ANGELES -- After watching umpire Phil Cuzzi's judgment deny the Giants Sunday's winning run against the New York Mets, manager Bruce Bochy feels a little more inclined to support an expanded instant replay system.

"I've been a proponent -- not a real strong one, but a little bit stronger now -- of reviewing a call or two a game," Bochy said Monday.

Bochy admitted that he couldn't suggest specifics about implementing a revised replay plan. But he proposed a creative way for managers to signal that they want a play examined. Borrowing from the custom of NFL coaches to throw a red handkerchief when they request a replay, Bochy playfully said, "We [can] have a special baseball to throw out there."

Bochy added, "I'm sure that on certain calls, the umpires wouldn't mind it, either."

As an example, Bochy cited Jim Joyce's now-famous blown call on what would have been the final out of Detroit right-hander Armando Galarraga's perfect game last month. "I'm sure Jimmy had a tough time getting over that," Bochy said.

Giants' Ishikawa takes close call in stride

LOS ANGELES -- The Giants' Travis Ishikawa said that he received more than the usual number of text messages from relatives and friends in the wake of the apparent winning run he scored vs. the Mets in Sunday's ninth inning.

The normally placid Ishikawa fielded no comments about his argument with plate umpire Phil Cuzzi, who called him out despite overwhelming video, photographic and anecdotal evidence to the contrary. The Giants lost, 4-3, in 10 innings.

"Nothing out of the ordinary," Ishikawa said Monday of his surge of messages. "Just, 'Thought you were safe.' You've got to move on and forget about it as best you can."

Ishikawa reiterated his belief in the overall quality of umpiring, adding that Sunday's incident didn't weaken his opposition to increasing the use of instant replay.

"I like the element of what the umpires see is what goes," Ishikawa said. "Otherwise, why would we need them?"

Velez recalled to strengthen Giants' bench

LOS ANGELES -- Seeking increased flexibility on the bench, the Giants recalled outfielder-infielder Eugenio Velez from Triple-A Fresno on Monday and optioned right-hander Joe Martinez to that club.

Thus ended the Giants' dalliance with a 13-man pitching staff, which began July 1 when catcher Bengie Molina was traded to Texas, and right-hander Chris Ray, one of two pitchers San Francisco received from the Rangers, joined San Francisco's bullpen.

Martinez (0-1, 4.00 ERA) was the pitcher most vulnerable to a demotion, having appeared in only three games in two stints with the Giants.

Meanwhile, manager Bruce Bochy not only wanted a deeper bench but needed insurance in case third baseman Pablo Sandoval had reported to Dodger Stadium on Monday with the same tight hip and hamstring that forced him to leave Sunday's 10-inning, 4-3 loss to the New York Mets. "We didn't know how well he would be doing," Bochy said. "That's what really got us as much as anything."

Though a refreshed Sandoval was in the lineup for the series opener against the Dodgers, Bochy indicated he still could use another player. The Giants considered Ryan Rohlinger, who's batting .317 in 40 games and, as a third baseman, would have been a natural replacement for Sandoval. But Velez, who hit .351 in his last nine games with Fresno to lift his overall average to .311 in 58 games, provides switch-hitting ability, speed and experience at playing both second base and the outfield.

"Right now Velez is a little better fit than Rohlinger," Bochy said.