PHILADELPHIA -- Phillies manager Charlie Manuel said Domonic Brown would play Saturday against the Rangers at Citizens Bank Park, but he did not immediately say where the outfielder would hit.

Manuel revealed Saturday that Brown would hit second. Brown had hit no higher than sixth in limited action last season, but these are different times, with the Phillies missing key players and the offense struggling.

Manuel said he hit Brown second because he wanted him hitting between Jimmy Rollins and Placido Polanco, and because he wanted Brown to get as many at-bats as possible.

Manuel hit Carlos Ruiz sixth. Ruiz had started 444 games in his career. He hit higher than seventh just three times. He hit sixth twice (once in 2007 and once in '10) and second once ('08).

"Hopefully he'll think it's seventh or eighth and hit good," Manuel joked. "Actually, I put him here because he's started to swing better. He's been on the ball and everything. And I think John Mayberry [Jr.], he's starting to try a little too hard, so I dropped him down a spot."

Mayberry hit seventh.