MILWAUKEE -- The Reds optioned pitcher Edinson Volquez to Triple-A Louisville on Thursday, and as of Friday manager Dusty Baker was still trying to figure out where his rotation stands.

Not wanting to get too far ahead of himself -- since he's still trying to make sure Volquez's replacement for Sunday is ready to go -- Baker said there could be some changes to the starting rotation after the All-Star break.

"We're reworking it," he said. "We've got four different combinations. We just got to discuss which one we think is better, who we would like to get out there sooner rather than later, and hard, soft, hard, soft so you don't have the same guys back to back."

The Reds are expected to head into the break with right-hander Johnny Cueto throwing Saturday night. Dontrelle Willis is slated to get the call from Louisville to start Sunday. Whether or not the left-hander factors into the Reds plans after the break remains to be seen.

"We've had some plans," Baker said of his whole rotation. "But with injuries you have to re-plan, you know."

Renteria exits after being hit by pitch

MILWAUKEE -- Cincinnati shortstop Edgar Renteria exited Friday's game against the Brewers in the fourth inning with soreness in his left arm.

Renteria was hit by a pitch in the arm during the third inning, but he stayed in the game and scored a run. The veteran was then replaced by rookie shortstop Zack Cozart.

"He had to come out because he was sore in the arm," manager Dusty Baker said after the game. "I'm not sure exactly where he got hit."

The Reds didn't give any specifics about Renteria's availability going forward.

Rotating shortstops makes Phillips' job tougher

MILWAUKEE -- Brandon Phillips had nothing but praise for shortstop Zack Cozart, who made his Major League debut Thursday night against the Brewers.

"He played the game like he did when he was in Little League, and was just out there playing the game the best way he knows how and he got his first career hit, first run, I was proud of him," Phillips said. "It felt nice."

Twenty-four hours later, the second baseman had to make adjustments to get ready to play alongside Edgar Renteria, who started at shortstop Friday night. Manager Dusty Baker said the club will bring Cozart along while still using Renteria, because he feels the veteran's bat can still help at the top of the lineup. The decision to use both players is something Phillips said he's fine with, though it does make his job a bit harder.

"I got to adjust to everybody," Phillips said. "Sometimes I have to think twice about who's playing shortstop and where they like the ball, the process that they bring. It's a lot of hard work when you have to adjust to them to make them feel better."

The second baseman said adjusting to each player will be tough on him, but he quickly added that Renteria is "one of the greatest I've played next to." Cozart became the 20th shortstop to play alongside Phillips on Thursday night, and without a consistent shortstop, the Reds batting order keeps changing. Renteria was slated to bat second while Phillips remained in the cleanup spot on Friday.

"I just do whatever makes them comfortable, and they love the feeds that I give, they love just the presence, period," he said. "It's real tough on me but other than that, it's my job."

Phillips' myriad talents give Baker options

MILWAUKEE -- The luxury of having Brandon Phillips in the lineup is that manager Dusty Baker has confidence letting the second baseman bat wherever.

Baker said it's something few players can do, but regardless of where he puts Phillips, the keystoner finds a way to produce.

"He's one of the few that I've ever seen. He hits the same fourth, second, first, doesn't matter," Baker said. "There's tremendous value to that. He's a guy that's scored 100 runs and driven in [nearly] 100 runs in the middle." Phillips was in the cleanup spot for Friday's game against the Brewres, while Drew Stubbs led off and Edgar Renteria batted second. Baker glanced at some statistics when asked about his ever-changing lineup.

"Sometimes you try things and sometimes you go back to what you tried originally," he said. "It's like sometimes as a hitter you try every bat in the lineup and eventually one day you end up going back to your bat."

Baker said he like the progress Stubbs is making in the leadoff spot, and that the club needs his speed. Being able to move Phillips around makes Baker's job easier, and he said the All-Star second baseman is always amazing him at the plate and in the field.

"He has the ability to change the game in a lot of different areas," Baker said. "Whether he's hitting, he's fielding, he's running the bases, whenever he does something daring and makes it, that's when I call him Jackie Robinson. I say, 'That's some Jackie Robinson stuff.'"

Worth noting

• Manager Dusty Baker expressed his condolences about the tragedy of the fan dying after falling from the second deck in Texas on Thursday night. Baker recalled going to the ballpark as a child and never catching a ball, and said he worries all the time about similar incidents occurring.

"That's as tragic of a thing that you can have happen in the ballpark. Especially tragic [is] the effect it may have on his son. I'm a man who has a son, and you just don't know in life, you just think you're going to a ballpark. I know I get nervous when I see guys reaching over the upper deck for foul balls all the time."

• Shortstop Zack Cozart, who made his Major League debut Thursday night, said he was keeping the ball from his first career hit, as well as tickets from the game. The memorabilia sat in the player's locker, but when asked where it was going after he left the park, he wasn't sure.

"I don't know, my wife will probably take it from me and hide it or something," Cozart said. "Your guess is as good as mine. Same with the tickets."