The umpire behind the plate for the Mariners' combined no-hitter Friday and the umpire behind the plate for Philip Humber's perfect game against the Mariners on April 21 were one and the same.

Brian Runge's last two times calling balls and strikes at Safeco Field have been special, to say the least. He didn't even realize the Mariners were working on a no-hitter against the Dodgers once their starter, Kevin Millwood, was removed after six innings.

Runge said he was too focused on his job Friday to keep track of the Dodgers' offense. Seattle won, 1-0. In Humber's game, the White Sox won 4-0.

"The perfect game I was a wreck, but I gave up on this [no-hitter] when Millwood went out," said Runge, a third-generation Major League umpire who also called Jonathan Sanchez's no-hitter for the Giants in 2009. "I was just umpiring the game, in a zone. I didn't realize it until we got in [the clubhouse] and started talking about it."

Runge told The Associated Press on Sunday "it was just a great experience, the whole thing."

"It's an amazing story, just to be a part of it and be on the field, but then to be behind the plate both games," Runge said. "You can't really write that stuff. It was storybook."