MIAMI -- Cardinals manager Mike Matheny isn't afraid to admit when he's wrong.

After bringing in reliever Eduardo Sanchez in the seventh inning of Monday's 8-7 win, Matheny had the righty immediately intentionally walk Jose Reyes to load the bases, as opposed to letting the previous pitcher, Fernando Salas, deliver the intentional walk before leaving the game.

"You want to set guys up for success, but if you're putting guys in a difficult situation, it decreases their odds of being successful, of getting people out afterward," Matheny said. "It wasn't a good move."

After the intentional walk to Reyes, Sanchez struggled to find the plate, walking the next two batters he faced and giving the Marlins a pair of easy runs before being removed from the game. Of Sanchez's 15 pitches Monday, only three were strikes.

While Matheny acknowledged the decision to bring in Sanchez before the intentional walk was a poor one, he remained confident in the right-handed reliever.

"He's almost unhittable at times when he has it all right," Matheny said. "His breaking stuff is so electric, he's just uncomfortable with his arm slot. He hides the ball well, he's just no fun for a righty. You get into big situations and you got a couple pitchers that are fly-ball pitchers, a fly ball isn't going to help us in that situation."

Sanchez has had issues with command at times this season, walking as many batters (13) as he has struck out in 16 appearances and 14 innings.

"Regardless of his high walk ratio, regardless of the trouble he had around the zone, he's our best strikeout guy," Matheny said. "He's the guy on this staff that has the ability to strike a couple batters out."

Matheny tries to take lesson out of lineup confusion

MIAMI -- Despite his team's thrilling 8-7 win Monday night at Marlins Park, Cardinals manager Mike Matheny didn't get a good night's rest.

"The more I mulled over it, the more I realized what a special win it was," Matheny said. "It's a shame the other things distracted from what a real good win that was."

The other things Matheny was referring to? A misunderstanding between him and home-plate umpire Bob Davidson over a double-switch in the bottom of the ninth inning.

Matheny brought in reliever Victor Marte and pulled third baseman David Freese for Tyler Greene, intending to bat Marte seventh -- since the seven-hole was the final out in the top of the inning -- and have Greene play second and bat ninth while moving Daniel Descalso to third.

Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen argued with Davidson about the switch, saying Freese should've still been at third base and that Marte should be fifth in the order based on what he was told. After Davidson conferred on the field with the other umpires, he had the Cardinals removed fifth hitter Allen Craig from the game.

St. Louis ultimately had Descalso move from second to third, Greene move to second and bat ninth, Marte in the five-hole and Tony Cruz enter the game, batting seventh and playing first.

Although the snafu eventually resulted in Wednesday starter Joe Kelly driving in the winning run in the 10th inning, the situation with the double-switch didn't sit well with Matheny in the wee hours of Tuesday morning.

"I thought about it last night really long," Matheny said. "The only thing that I could see that happened is that I gave him the move, and then I scratched it out on the scorecard, wrote it in. Then I think by the time I gave him time to catch up, I was already talking about the subsequent move with Descalso and Greene and what was going to happen there.

"At some point there, something got garbled up and I'm trying to go out and get the pitcher off the mound to make the change, and to me, that's the opportunity that if I did say, 'Five-hole,' that's it. I'm not denying that that may have happened. I believe Bob's taking a lot of heat right now, and I don't think that's necessarily deserved."

After Monday's misunderstanding, Matheny said he plans on adjusting how he handles it, just to make sure a similar situation doesn't occur in the future.

"I think I do [need to make a change]," Matheny said. "All the conversations I had early on were about going through that, making sure to write it down while we're doing it, and I didn't watch [Davidson] write it down."

Freese gets a break, Schumaker back in lineup

MIAMI -- With the grind of a 162-game season taking its toll on players 75 games in, Cardinals manager Mike Matheny decided to give third baseman David Freese the day off Tuesday against the Marlins -- especially after the blistering heat from the weekend series in Kansas City.

"He's been looking good, but you could also see that those days in Kansas City beat him down," Matheny said.

Matheny wanted to get Freese, who has appeared in 68 games this season, a scheduled day off before Thursday's off-day. The St. Louis skipper originally wanted to get Freese a day at designated hitter when the team was in Interleague Play, but said the team needed Freese's defense too much to afford that luxury.

With Tuesday's day off for Freese, Daniel Descalso started at third base and Skip Schumaker got the start at second, his first at the position since May 17 against the Giants.

It was Schumaker's 10th start at second base this season. His other 15 starts have come in right field (two) and center field (13). He is no stranger to second base, though, as he started 331 games there from 2009-11.

In 34 appearances this season, Schumaker is hitting .305 with a career-best .374 on-base percentage. He has driven in 13 runs and scored 16. After missing nearly three weeks with a right hamstring injury, Schumaker has played in six of the Cardinals' last eight games, including Tuesday's matchup with the Marlins.

"We got to keep Schumaker, we got to keep all these guys sharp," Matheny said. "It's just a matter of trying to get them all in there and get them their at-bats."

Worth noting

• Matheny said left-handed reliever Sam Freeman's availability Tuesday was questionable, since the southpaw pitched in three of St. Louis' last four games. Freeman worked 1 1/3 shutout innings of relief in Monday's win.

• Left fielder Matt Holliday had a drink poured on him while corralling a Jose Reyes RBI double in the left-field corner during the third inning Monday night. Holliday called over the umpires after the play to point it out, and Marlins Park security took efforts to resolve the issue and have the fan removed.

"I know they were making a move to get something done," Matheny said. "They were going through the video to see who it was to deal with it. We didn't want to make a huge deal of it, though."