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10/19/2007 3:42 PM ET
Music video highlights: the postseason
tickets for any Major League Baseball game
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  WS Game 4, featuring Daughtry
Red Sox claim World Series.
  WS Game 3, featuring Elton John
Boston brews victory at Coors Field.
  WS Game 2, featuring Calendar For Preston
Pitchers' duel goes Boston's way.
  WS Game 1, featuring Daughtry
Beckett, BoSox execute total domination.

  Red Sox World Series preview
  Rockies World Series preview

  ALCS Game 6, featuring Elton John
Red Sox bash Tribe, force Game 7.
  ALCS Game 5, featuring Queen Latifah
Sox stay alive behind Beckett.
  ALCS Game 4, featuring KT Tunstall
Tribe push Sox to the brink.
  NLCS Game 4, featuring Elton John
Rockies reach their first Fall Classic.
  ALCS Game 3, featuring Elton John
Tribe takes control of the series.
  NLCS Game 3, featuring Daughtry
Rockies one step away from World Series.
  ALCS Game 2, featuring Elton John
Indians win in extra innings.
  ALCS Game 1, featuring Daughtry
Sox rock over Tribe in Beantown.
  NLCS Game 2, featuring Daughtry
Rockies on a roll back to home.
  NLCS Game 1, featuring Elton John
Rox play bad house guest in Arizona.

  Red Sox ALCS preview
  Indians ALCS preview
  Diamondbacks NLCS preview
  Rockies NLCS preview

  Oct. 8 - ALDS: featuring Daughtry
Indians advance to ALCS.
  Oct. 7 - ALDS, featuring Elton John
Sox advance, Yanks stay alive.
  Oct. 6 - NLDS, featuring KT Tunstall
D-backs, Rockies complete NLDS sweeps.
  Oct. 5 - ALDS, featuring Pat Monahan
Indians bug Yankees; Red Sox top Angels.
  Oct. 4 - ALDS, NLDS, featuring Daughtry
Indians, Rockies and D-backs romp.
  Oct. 3 - ALDS, NLDS, featuring Elton John
D-backs, BoSox, Rox win openers.

  Playoff preview, featuring KT Tunstall
  Flashback to 2006, featuring Daughtry

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