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02/04/2008 4:57 PM ET
'The Dish' is ready to serve
Sports and entertainment come together in online video shows
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The Dish comes at you three times a week with host Jeremy "J.B." Brisiel at the helm. (
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Hungry for a good helping of all things related to baseball and entertainment, with a spicy side of humor? Get ready for "The Dish."

Coming at you in three weekly servings, is serving it up fresh every Monday, Wednesday and Friday with host Jeremy "J.B." Brisiel and an assortment of friends.

We'll bring videos to the table that put you in a front-row seat for all the happenings surrounding the Grand Old Game and the celebrities and fans who make it all connect in the worlds of music, film, TV, video games and more.

We'll have fun features on tap for everything you can think of: "Chatter" for in-depth interviews, "Bleacher Seats" and "One Question," where we interact with fans all across the country, plus "On Deck" for the latest in music and movies, the light-hearted humor of the "Rally Killer," and the self-explanatory "Closer," which gives us a blooper or highlight-reel moment for dessert.

In our first installment of The Dish, we catch up with's own Harold Reynolds, who sat down recently with Yankees shortstop and New York heartthrob Derek Jeter as he attended to his A-list guests at a Tampa, Fla., function for his charitable Turn 2 Foundation.

One of the events on the slate for the Turn 2 weekend was a golf tournament, and as a golfer, well, let's say Jeter is a very good baseball player.

"Ever since Tiger started playing, all these athletes all of a sudden they can just jump on the golf course," Jeter told Reynolds. "They think it's no problem. And I get a kick out of laughing at them. ... But I can't play myself."

On a more serious note, Jeter gave Reynolds the real reason why Turn 2 means so much to him.

"A lot of athletes do great things," he said. "They give money to charity, and I think that's incredible. I wanted to be a little bit more hands-on, where I could get an opportunity to meet some of the kids, hear some of their stories, see their faces and hear from their parents. And that's one of the things I've been able to do with the foundation."

In today's Bleacher Seats, we find J.B. looking on in amazement at the Gasparilla Pirate Fest, one of Tampa Bay's most, um, unique attractions. Think beads, bikinis, carbonated beverages, and, oh yeah, a few pirate costumes here and there. Arrrrrrgggghhhh!

J.B. didn't have to look far to find baseball fans, who were all over Gasparilla enjoying the vibe. One Florida Marlins fan said he was excited for 2008 but bummed that the team traded Dontrelle Willis. A Red Sox fan reported that she was stoked for the World Series repeat effort coming up in the new season.

A Chicago Cubs fan swore he didn't blame Steve Bartman, and a Cleveland Indians supporter claimed he'd been a Tribe follower "going to back to Joe Carter." He even made the bold, random statement that, "Joe Carter would love Gasparilla." Uh, OK.

Shockingly, J.B. couldn't find one actual Pirates fan in the whole mass of humanity. Well, as they've probably been saying in Pittsburgh lately, wait 'til next year.

In today's Closer, we catch two true baseball rarities: Harold Reynolds tripping on his tongue and Derek Jeter losing it.

Interested to see how that happened?

Well, just check out The Dish.

This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.

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