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Friday, June 10, 2005:
6, 4
Kendall, C4010103.248
Ellis, 2B5000012.275
Kotsay, CF5110012.282
Chavez, 3B4222011.240
Crosby, SS4222000.326
Scutaro, SS0000000.246
Johnson, 1B4120001.267
Swisher, RF3000112.234
Watson, LF4010003.172
Byrnes, LF0000000.250
Haren, P3012001.400
Calero, P1000010.000
Rincon, P0000000.000
Street, P0000000.000
Furcal, SS4000113.223
Giles, 2B5121012.279
Betemit, 3B4000020.313
LaRoche, 1B4110000.249
Jones, A, CF3120000.249
Langerhans, LF3000013.241
b-Franco, PH1010000.228
1-Johnson, PR-LF0000000.037
Jordan, RF4111013.231
McCann, C3021100.667
Davies, P1001002.200
Colon, P0000000.000
a-Orr, PH0000100.290
Bernero, P00000001.000
Kolb, P0000000.000
c-Marte, PH1000001.000
a-Walked for Colon in the 7th. b-Singled for Langerhans in the 8th. c-Hit into a double play for Kolb in the 9th.
1-Ran for Franco in the 8th.
2B: Johnson (3, Davies), Watson (2, Davies), Crosby (5, Davies).
HR: Crosby (2, 4th inning off Davies, 1 on, 0 out), Chavez (8, 7th inning off Colon, 1 on, 1 out).
TB: Kendall; Kotsay; Chavez 5; Crosby 6; Johnson 3; Watson 2; Haren.
RBI: Crosby 2 (7), Haren 2 (2), Chavez 2 (33).
2-out RBI: Haren.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Watson; Kendall 2.
Team LOB: 6.

Outfield assists: Kotsay (Giles at 2nd base).
DP: 2 (Haren-Crosby-Johnson, Chavez-Johnson).

2B: LaRoche (13, Haren).
HR: Giles (4, 5th inning off Haren, 0 on, 1 out).
TB: Giles 5; LaRoche 2; Jones, A 2; Franco; Jordan; McCann 2.
RBI: Jordan (20), McCann (1), Davies (1), Giles (15).
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Davies; Giles; Jordan.
S: Davies.
GIDP: Furcal.
Team LOB: 7.

SB: Jones, A (2, 2nd base off Haren/Kendall), Orr (2, 2nd base off Calero/Kendall).

Haren(W, 4-7)6.26442414.28
Calero(H, 2)1.01000106.57
Street(S, 3)1.11001101.67
Colon(L, 0-3)1.12220018.50
Rincon pitched to 1 batter in the 8th.

IBB: McCann (by Haren).
HBP: Jones, A (by Haren).
Pitches-strikes: Haren 101-56, Calero 21-11, Rincon 4-2, Street 17-11, Davies 111-68, Colon 20-10, Bernero 14-9, Kolb 14-7.
Ground outs-fly outs: Haren 7-9, Calero 0-2, Rincon 0-0, Street 1-2, Davies 6-7, Colon 3-1, Bernero 0-2, Kolb 3-0.
Batters faced: Haren 28, Calero 4, Rincon 1, Street 5, Davies 27, Colon 6, Bernero 3, Kolb 3.
Inherited runners-scored: Calero 1-0, Rincon 1-0, Street 2-0, Colon 2-0.
Umpires: HP: Paul Schrieber. 1B: Mike Reilly. 2B: Andy Fletcher. 3B: Bob Davidson.
Weather: 76 degrees, overcast.
Wind: 12 mph, R to L.
T: 2:56.
Att: 28,535.
Compiled by MLB Advanced Media