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Wednesday, April 19, 2006:
Roberts, LF5110112.256
Barfield, 2B6231021.300
Giles, RF4321111.289
Castilla, V, 3B6341003.333
Gonzalez, A, 1B6233015.321
Greene, K, SS4122214.208
Bowen, C3120201.400
Johnson, B, CF5024013.278
Park, P3000013.000
a-Blum, PH1000001.000
Brazelton, P0000000.333
a-Flied out for Park in the 8th.
Sullivan, CF5120001.286
Carroll, SS4020001.278
Helton, 1B3001014.347
Atkins, G, 3B4000004.375
Holliday, LF3100010.241
Hawpe, RF3110110.352
Smith, J, 2B4011000.394
Ojeda, C4111002.286
Day, P1000010.000
Ramirez, Ramon E., P10100001.000
a-Freeman, PH1010000.214
Martin, T, P0000000.000
Dohmann, P0000000.000
b-Marrero, PH1000000.357
a-Singled for Ramirez, Ramon E. in the 6th. b-Grounded out for Dohmann in the 9th.

2B: Greene, K (2, Day); Gonzalez, A 2 (7, Ramirez, Ramon E., Martin, T); Castilla, V (3, Martin, T); Johnson, B (2, Dohmann).
3B: Barfield (2, Day).
TB: Barfield 5; Bowen 2; Castilla, V 5; Giles 2; Gonzalez, A 5; Greene, K 3; Johnson, B 3; Roberts.
RBI: Barfield (4); Castilla, V (7); Giles (4); Gonzalez, A 3 (9); Greene, K 2 (12); Johnson, B 4 (5).
2-out RBI: Greene, K.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Roberts 2; Bowen; Park 2; Greene, K 3.
SAC: Park.
GIDP: Johnson, B.
Team RISP: 9-for-22.
Team LOB: 11.

SB: Roberts (3, 2nd base off Day/Ojeda); Barfield (4, 2nd base off Day/Ojeda).

E: Greene, K (2, missed catch).
PB: Bowen (2).
DP: 2 (Barfield-Greene, K-Gonzalez, A; Greene, K-Barfield-Gonzalez, A).

2B: Sullivan (5, Park); Hawpe (3, Park).
HR: Ojeda (2, 5th inning off Park, 0 on, 1 out).
TB: Carroll 2; Freeman; Hawpe 2; Ojeda 4; Ramirez, Ramon E.; Smith, J; Sullivan 3.
RBI: Helton (9); Ojeda (6); Smith, J (8).
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Atkins, G 2.
SF: Helton.
GIDP: Atkins, G; Ojeda.
Team RISP: 1-for-6.
Team LOB: 6.

Outfield assists: Sullivan (Greene, K at home).
DP: (Smith, J-Carroll-Helton).

Park(W, 1-0)7.09431414.86
Day(L, 1-2)3.2118841010.80
Ramirez, Ramon E.2.12000400.00
Martin, T1.13330106.00
HBP: Giles (by Martin, T); Holliday (by Park).
Pitches-strikes: Park 104-69; Brazelton 22-15; Day 83-44; Ramirez, Ramon E. 36-25; Martin, T 20-12; Dohmann 49-28.
Groundouts-flyouts: Park 6-5; Brazelton 5-0; Day 4-3; Ramirez, Ramon E. 2-1; Martin, T 2-0; Dohmann 0-3.
Batters faced: Park 31; Brazelton 6; Day 24; Ramirez, Ramon E. 9; Martin, T 8; Dohmann 10.
Inherited runners-scored: Ramirez, Ramon E. 1-0; Dohmann 1-1.
Umpires: HP: Tom Hallion. 1B: Tony Randazzo. 2B: Jim Wolf. 3B: Joe West.
Weather: 52 degrees, Sunny.
Wind: 10 mph, R To L.
First pitch: 1:06 PM.
T: 3:11.
Att: 18,827.
Venue: Coors Field.
April 19, 2006
Compiled by MLB Advanced Media