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Thursday, May 8, 2008:
Rays 8, Blue Jays 3
Iwamura, 2B6110021.226
Crawford, C, DH-LF5021010.284
Upton, B, CF5110111.291
Pena, C, 1B5211112.200
Hinske, 3B3000000.274
Longoria, 3B3010003.225
Navarro, D, C6234001.368
Gross, RF6122021.197
Haynes, LF3000011.233
a-Gomes, J, PH-LF2000001.219
Howell, P0000000.000
Bartlett, SS5120000.246
a-Flied out for Haynes in the 10th.
Rios, A, RF6010024.281
Stewart, LF6000031.229
Rolen, 3B5130110.318
Stairs, DH6000025.277
Wells, V, CF5112101.279
Overbay, 1B3020100.279
1-Inglett, PR0100000.303
Barajas, 1B2010013.224
Hill, A, 2B6021002.261
Zaun, C5010104.270
Scutaro, SS6020024.234
1-Ran for Overbay in the 9th.
2B: Navarro, D (3, Litsch).
HR: Gross (2, 5th inning off Litsch, 1 on, 2 out), Pena, C (8, 7th inning off Litsch, 0 on, 0 out), Navarro, D (1, 13th inning off Camp, 3 on, 2 out).
TB: Bartlett 2; Gross 5; Longoria; Upton, B; Crawford, C 2; Pena, C 4; Navarro, D 7; Iwamura.
RBI: Gross 2 (7), Pena, C (18), Crawford, C (20), Navarro, D 4 (10).
2-out RBI: Gross 2; Navarro, D 4.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Upton, B; Haynes; Pena, C.
SF: Crawford, C.
GIDP: Navarro, D.
Team RISP: 2-for-7.
Team LOB: 5.

SB: Crawford, C (9, 2nd base off Litsch/Zaun).
CS: Bartlett (2, 2nd base by Frasor/Zaun).

DP: 2 (Bartlett-Iwamura-Pena, C, Iwamura-Bartlett-Pena, C).

2B: Overbay 2 (6, Jackson, E, Percival), Hill, A (11, Howell).
3B: Rolen (1, Jackson, E), Rios, A (2, Wheeler, D).
HR: Wells, V (5, 9th inning off Percival, 1 on, 1 out).
TB: Scutaro 2; Barajas; Wells, V 4; Rios, A 3; Rolen 5; Zaun; Hill, A 3; Overbay 4.
RBI: Wells, V 2 (24), Hill, A (15).
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Hill, A; Wells, V; Rios, A; Scutaro 3; Barajas 2.
GIDP: Rios, A, Stairs.
Team RISP: 1-for-11.
Team LOB: 12.

SB: Hill, A (3, 2nd base off Percival/Navarro, D).

DP: (Barajas-Scutaro-Accardo).

Jackson, E8.06001304.04
Percival(BS, 1)1.04330212.25
Wheeler, D1.01002301.42
Howell(W, 1-0)3.02001303.27
Ryan, B1.00000100.00
Downs, S1.01001103.07
Camp(L, 0-1)1.04551116.75
Game Scores: Jackson, E , Litsch .
IBB: Pena, C (by Camp), Rolen (by Wheeler, D).
Pitches-strikes: Jackson, E 112-73, Percival 28-20, Wheeler, D 28-15, Howell 49-31, Litsch 95-60, Frasor 20-14, Carlson 2-2, Ryan, B 13-8, Downs, S 19-11, Accardo 13-9, Camp 31-17.
Groundouts-flyouts: Jackson, E 7-7, Percival 0-1, Wheeler, D 0-0, Howell 2-3, Litsch 13-2, Frasor 0-0, Carlson 1-1, Ryan, B 0-2, Downs, S 2-0, Accardo 1-1, Camp 0-2.
Batters faced: Jackson, E 29, Percival 7, Wheeler, D 6, Howell 12, Litsch 26, Frasor 4, Carlson 2, Ryan, B 3, Downs, S 5, Accardo 4, Camp 8.
Umpires: HP: Paul Nauert. 1B: Kevin Causey. 2B: Brian O'Nora. 3B: Jerry Crawford.
Weather: 68 degrees, roof closed.
Wind: 0 mph, None.
T: 4:04.
Att: 21,118.
Venue: Rogers Centre.
May 8, 2008
Compiled by MLB Advanced Media