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Wednesday, July 23, 2008:
Blue Jays 5, Orioles 1
Inglett, RF4000114.289
Scutaro, 2B5011002.259
Rios, A, CF5110034.285
Overbay, 1B4121101.276
Barajas, C4010012.255
Stairs, DH4100134.240
Rolen, 3B3110101.270
Lind, LF3110103.290
Wilkerson, LF0000000.225
McDonald, Jo, SS2011000.206
Roberts, B, 2B4020010.291
Jones, Ad, CF4000023.282
Markakis, RF4010001.297
Huff, DH4120020.287
Mora, 3B4011012.251
Scott, LF4010001.264
Millar, 1B3000022.241
Hernandez, Ra, C3000011.243
Fahey, SS2000021.224
a-Castro, Ju, PH-SS1010000.095
a-Singled for Fahey in the 8th.
2B: Overbay (21, Cormier).
TB: Barajas; Lind; Rios, A; Scutaro; McDonald, Jo; Rolen; Overbay 3.
RBI: Scutaro (37), Overbay (37), McDonald, Jo (7).
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Rios, A 2; Lind; Rolen; Inglett; Stairs.
SAC: McDonald, Jo.
SF: McDonald, Jo.
Team RISP: 3-for-16.
Team LOB: 10.

SB: Lind (1, 2nd base off Guthrie/Hernandez, Ra), Rios, A (26, 2nd base off Guthrie/Hernandez, Ra).

DP: (McDonald, Jo-Scutaro-Overbay).
Pickoffs: Burnett, AJ (Mora at 1st base).

2B: Scott (19, Burnett, AJ), Roberts, B (38, Burnett, AJ).
3B: Huff (2, Burnett, AJ).
TB: Roberts, B 3; Castro, Ju; Scott 2; Mora; Markakis; Huff 4.
RBI: Mora (63).
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Mora; Fahey; Jones, Ad; Markakis.
GIDP: Jones, Ad.
Team RISP: 1-for-8.
Team LOB: 5.

CS: Mora (7, 2nd base by Burnett, AJ/Barajas).
PO: Mora (1st base by Burnett, AJ).

E: Millar (4, throw).

Burnett, AJ(W, 11-9)5.06110704.73
Carlson(H, 13)1.10000201.80
Camp(H, 7)0.20000103.21
Downs, S2.02000101.54
Guthrie(L, 6-8)5.26221403.58
Game Scores: Burnett, AJ , Guthrie .
IBB: Stairs (by Cormier).
HBP: Barajas (by Bierd).
Pitches-strikes: Burnett, AJ 80-55, Carlson 13-12, Camp 14-9, Downs, S 29-20, Guthrie 95-65, Cormier 38-20, Bierd 37-23.
Groundouts-flyouts: Burnett, AJ 4-2, Carlson 0-2, Camp 0-1, Downs, S 3-0, Guthrie 10-1, Cormier 2-0, Bierd 2-2.
Batters faced: Burnett, AJ 20, Carlson 4, Camp 2, Downs, S 7, Guthrie 24, Cormier 9, Bierd 9.
Inherited runners-scored: Cormier 1-0, Bierd 2-2.
Umpires: HP: Scott Barry. 1B: Adrian Johnson. 2B: Tim Tschida. 3B: Jim Joyce.
Weather: 88 degrees, cloudy.
Wind: 5 mph, R to L.
T: 3:03 (1:44 delay).
Att: 24,776.
Venue: Oriole Park at Camden Yards.
July 23, 2008
Compiled by MLB Advanced Media