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Friday, April 3, 2009:
Mets 4, Red Sox 3
Ellsbury, CF2010100.254
Reddick, CF2000011.458
Pedroia, 2B2010101.316
Khoury, 2B1000001.000
Ortiz, DH3000014.256
b-Anderson, La, PH-DH1110000.217
Drew, J, RF3110011.270
Green, RF1000001.000
Bay, LF3000011.244
Daeges, LF1000001.357
Lowell, 3B2000011.282
a-Chavez, An, PH-3B2011000.297
Carter, C, 1B4121011.351
Lowrie, SS2000001.338
Velazquez, SS2010000.261
Varitek, C2000010.208
Brown, D, C2001001.308
a-Lined out for Lowell in the 6th. b-Singled for Ortiz in the 8th.
Reyes, Js, SS3000002.269
Tejada, R, 2B2000010.294
Murphy, Dn, LF1000200.345
Church, RF1100110.333
Wright, D, 3B1100211.286
Malo, 3B1000100.250
Delgado, 1B2110111.500
Evans, 1B2010000.500
Beltran, CF2111112.361
1-Anderson, PR-CF1000013.216
Tatis, RF3021001.388
Cora, 2B-SS0001100.296
Kielty, DH3011104.288
Castro, R, C3010013.270
Santos, C1000010.250
Castillo, L, 2B3000006.255
Reed, LF1000010.403

1-Ran for Beltran in the 5th.
2B: Pedroia (6, Hernandez, L), Drew, J (2, Green, S), Carter, C (5, Green, S), Ellsbury (4, Parnell), Velazquez (4, Stokes), Chavez, An (2, Putz).
TB: Ellsbury 2; Pedroia 2; Anderson, La; Drew, J 2; Chavez, An 2; Carter, C 3; Velazquez 2.
RBI: Carter, C (11), Brown, D (7), Chavez, An (4).
2-out RBI: Carter, C; Chavez, An.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Drew, J; Ortiz 2; Lowrie; Khoury; Carter, C.
Team RISP: 2-for-15.
Team LOB: 7.

SB: Ellsbury (2, 2nd base off Hernandez, L/Castro, R).

2B: Tatis (6, Lester).
TB: Delgado; Evans; Beltran; Tatis 3; Kielty; Castro, R.
RBI: Kielty (11), Beltran (6), Tatis (15), Cora (4).
2-out RBI: Cora.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Beltran; Castillo, L 3; Reyes, Js; Kielty 2.
Team RISP: 5-for-16.
Team LOB: 12.

SB: Beltran (2, 2nd base off Lester/Varitek), Tatis (1, 2nd base off Delcarmen/Brown, D).
CS: Murphy, Dn (1, 2nd base by Lester/Varitek).

E: Castro, R (1, throw).

Delcarmen(L, 0-2)1.03222004.61
Hernandez, L3.01002302.55
Green, S1.02110103.48
Parnell(W, 3-0)1.01000101.88
Feliciano(H, 3)0.20000000.00
Stokes(H, 1)1.12110002.87
Putz(H, 1)1.02110101.80
Rodriguez, Fr(S, 1)1.00000100.00
WP: Delcarmen, McBeth.
Groundouts-flyouts: Lester 5-1, Delcarmen 2-1, McBeth 0-2, Okajima 0-0, Papelbon 1-0, Hernandez, L 1-4, Green, S 2-0, Parnell 0-2, Feliciano 2-0, Stokes 1-0, Putz 2-0, Rodriguez, Fr 0-2.
Batters faced: Lester 19, Delcarmen 8, McBeth 7, Okajima 3, Papelbon 3, Hernandez, L 12, Green, S 5, Parnell 4, Feliciano 2, Stokes 6, Putz 5, Rodriguez, Fr 3.
Umpires: HP: CB Bucknor. 1B: Mark Carlson. 2B: Ed Hickox. 3B: Rob Healey.
Weather: 53 degrees, overcast.
Wind: 10 mph, In from RF.
T: 2:58 (1:07 delay).
Att: 37,652.
Compiled by MLB Advanced Media