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Saturday, May 9, 2009:
Astros 5, Padres 4
Giles, RF5000015.151
Eckstein, 2B5122003.264
Hairston, S, CF4010011.338
Gonzalez, A, 1B4110012.296
Headley, LF3012110.245
Kouzmanoff, 3B3000011.226
Hundley, C4010013.269
Rodriguez, L, SS3010011.239
Gregerson, P0000000.000
Meredith, P0000000.000
Mujica, P0000000.000
a-Gerut, PH1000000.218
Correia, P1110000.400
Burke, C, SS2120000.261
a-Flied out for Mujica in the 9th.
Matsui, K, 2B4000020.255
Bourn, CF2210200.291
Pence, RF2200211.309
Lee, Ca, LF4032000.319
Keppinger, 3B0000000.333
Tejada, M, SS2012101.302
Blum, 3B-1B3000104.253
Erstad, 1B-LF4110003.171
Towles, C3000012.182
Moehler, P2000010.000
a-Michaels, PH1000001.250
Geary, P0000000.000
Arias, P0000000.000
Wright, W, P0000000.000
Hawkins, P0000000.000
a-Grounded out for Moehler in the 7th.
2B: Correia (1, Moehler), Eckstein (9, Moehler), Burke, C 2 (4, Geary, Hawkins), Headley (6, Hawkins).
TB: Correia 2; Burke, C 4; Headley 2; Gonzalez, A; Eckstein 3; Hairston, S; Rodriguez, L; Hundley.
RBI: Eckstein 2 (9), Headley 2 (13).
2-out RBI: Headley 2.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Eckstein 3; Rodriguez, L; Hundley 2.
SAC: Correia.
GIDP: Gonzalez, A.
Team RISP: 4-for-14.
Team LOB: 7.

SB: Headley 2 (4, 2nd base off Moehler/Towles, 3rd base off Hawkins/Towles), Kouzmanoff (1, 2nd base off Hawkins/Towles).

2B: Lee, Ca (9, Correia), Erstad (1, Gregerson).
TB: Tejada, M; Erstad 2; Lee, Ca 4; Bourn.
RBI: Lee, Ca 2 (22), Tejada, M 2 (12).
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Blum; Towles.
SAC: Towles.
SF: Tejada, M.
Team RISP: 2-for-7.
Team LOB: 6.

SB: Bourn (9, 2nd base off Correia/Hundley).
CS: Bourn (3, 2nd base by Correia/Hundley).

DP: (Moehler-Tejada, M-Erstad).

Gregerson(L, 0-3)1.01332105.82
Meredith(BS, 3)0.11001003.27
Geary(H, 2)0.12220006.05
Arias(H, 1)0.10000103.38
Wright, W0.01110007.84
Hawkins(BS, 2)(W, 1-1)1.12000002.35
Gregerson pitched to 1 batter in the 8th.
Wright, W pitched to 1 batter in the 8th.

Game Scores: Correia 57, Moehler 68.
WP: Gregerson, Meredith.
IBB: Blum (by Meredith).
HBP: Kouzmanoff (by Hawkins).
Pitches-strikes: Correia 104-64, Gregerson 20-11, Meredith 9-2, Mujica 8-6, Moehler 91-58, Geary 9-6, Arias 4-3, Wright, W 5-3, Hawkins 25-17.
Groundouts-flyouts: Correia 5-6, Gregerson 2-0, Meredith 1-0, Mujica 1-1, Moehler 7-3, Geary 1-0, Arias 0-0, Wright, W 0-0, Hawkins 0-2.
Batters faced: Correia 24, Gregerson 6, Meredith 3, Mujica 2, Moehler 26, Geary 3, Arias 1, Wright, W 1, Hawkins 7.
Inherited runners-scored: Meredith 1-1, Mujica 2-0, Arias 1-0, Wright, W 1-0, Hawkins 2-2.
Umpires: HP: Ted Barrett. 1B: Adrian Johnson. 2B: Greg Gibson. 3B: Andy Fletcher.
Weather: 73 degrees, roof closed.
Wind: 0 mph, None.
T: 3:08.
Att: 29,141.
Venue: Minute Maid Park.
May 9, 2009
Compiled by MLB Advanced Media