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Friday, July 3, 2009:
Dodgers 6, Padres 3
Furcal, SS5140000.250
Hudson, O, 2B5000034.289
Ramirez, M, LF3000102.337
Pierre, LF1000001.321
Ethier, RF5210013.256
Blake, 3B2100220.284
Loney, 1B4111002.278
Martin, R, C4122011.250
Kemp, CF3012111.303
Kuroda, P3000023.000
Mota, P0000000.000
a-Loretta, PH1000000.247
Troncoso, P0000000.000
Leach, P0000000.000
Broxton, J, P0000000.000
a-Grounded out for Mota in the 8th.
Gwynn Jr., RF3100101.301
Eckstein, 2B4110000.270
Hairston, S, CF3111112.314
Gonzalez, Ad, 1B4012001.265
Kouzmanoff, 3B4000011.232
Headley, LF4000001.231
Alfonzo, G, C4000020.250
Cabrera, E, SS2010100.293
Gaudin, P1000011.056
a-Rodriguez, L, PH1000001.202
Perdomo, L, P0000000.000
Adams, M, P0000000.000
b-Venable, PH1000010.139
Meredith, P0000000.000
Mujica, P00000001.000
a-Grounded out for Gaudin in the 5th. b-Struck out for Adams, M in the 7th.
2B: Kemp (11, Gaudin), Ethier (17, Gaudin), Furcal (14, Gaudin).
TB: Furcal 5; Kemp 2; Ethier 2; Loney; Martin, R 2.
RBI: Loney (50), Martin, R 2 (23), Kemp 2 (43).
2-out RBI: Loney; Martin, R; Kemp 2.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Kuroda 2; Ethier; Ramirez, M.
Team RISP: 3-for-13.
Team LOB: 7.

SB: Furcal (5, 2nd base off Perdomo, L/Alfonzo, G).

2B: Gonzalez, Ad (10, Kuroda).
HR: Hairston, S (10, 4th inning off Kuroda, 0 on, 1 out).
TB: Gonzalez, Ad 2; Eckstein; Cabrera, E; Hairston, S 4.
RBI: Hairston, S (29), Gonzalez, Ad 2 (50).
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Gwynn Jr.; Headley.
Team RISP: 1-for-6.
Team LOB: 4.

SB: Cabrera, E (4, 2nd base off Kuroda/Martin, R).

E: Cabrera, E (3, throw), Gaudin (2, throw).

Kuroda(W, 3-4)5.14332213.91
Mota(H, 1)1.20000203.93
Troncoso(H, 8)0.20001001.92
Leach(H, 4)0.10000003.18
Broxton, J(S, 20)1.00000202.09
Gaudin(L, 4-7)5.07664405.35
Perdomo, L1.01000204.18
Adams, M1.00000202.08
Game Scores: Kuroda , Gaudin .
IBB: Kemp (by Gaudin).
Pitches-strikes: Kuroda 88-56, Mota 22-14, Troncoso 15-8, Leach 4-3, Broxton, J 10-7, Gaudin 100-59, Perdomo, L 15-10, Adams, M 14-10, Meredith 12-8, Mujica 14-9.
Groundouts-flyouts: Kuroda 8-4, Mota 2-0, Troncoso 1-0, Leach 0-1, Broxton, J 0-1, Gaudin 11-0, Perdomo, L 0-0, Adams, M 1-0, Meredith 1-0, Mujica 1-0.
Batters faced: Kuroda 22, Mota 5, Troncoso 3, Leach 1, Broxton, J 3, Gaudin 26, Perdomo, L 4, Adams, M 3, Meredith 3, Mujica 4.
Inherited runners-scored: Mota 1-0, Leach 1-0.
Umpires: HP: Charlie Reliford. 1B: Larry Vanover. 2B: Sam Holbrook. 3B: Dan Iassogna.
Weather: 68 degrees, clear.
Wind: 13 mph, L to R.
T: 3:00.
Att: 42,217.
Venue: PETCO Park.
July 3, 2009
Compiled by MLB Advanced Media