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Tuesday, July 21, 2009:
Yankees 6, Orioles 4
Roberts, B, 2B4230000.284
Jones, A, CF4001002.300
Markakis, RF4131010.296
Huff, 1B3110112.257
Scott, DH4000015.289
Mora, 3B4012010.266
Reimold, LF4000011.259
Wieters, C4010001.244
Izturis, C, SS3000001.253
Jeter, SS3110112.319
Damon, LF4011004.278
Gardner, CF0000000.277
Teixeira, 1B3000102.277
Rodriguez, A, DH2112200.252
Posada, C4000034.277
Swisher, RF2101110.233
Cano, 2B3122110.308
Cabrera, Me, CF-LF4000002.274
Ransom, 3B1210200.188
2B: Roberts, B (32, Mitre).
TB: Roberts, B 4; Mora; Markakis 3; Wieters; Huff.
RBI: Markakis (61), Jones, A (51), Mora 2 (26).
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Scott.
GIDP: Jones, A.
Team RISP: 2-for-7.
Team LOB: 4.

SB: Roberts, B (20, 2nd base off Mitre/Posada).

Outfield assists: Markakis (Jeter at home), Jones, A (Cano at 1st base).
DP: 3 (Markakis-Wieters, Wieters-Izturis, C, Jones, A-Huff).

2B: Ransom (7, Bass).
HR: Cano (14, 4th inning off Hill, R, 1 on, 0 out).
TB: Cano 5; Jeter; Damon; Rodriguez, A; Ransom 2.
RBI: Swisher (48), Rodriguez, A 2 (54), Cano 2 (48), Damon (51).
2-out RBI: Rodriguez, A 2.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Posada; Damon 2.
SF: Swisher.
Team RISP: 2-for-8.
Team LOB: 5.

SB: Rodriguez, A (4, 2nd base off Hill, R/Wieters), Jeter (18, 2nd base off Hill, R/Wieters), Ransom (2, 2nd base off Bass/Wieters).
CS: Rodriguez, A (1, 2nd base by Albers/Wieters).

E: Mitre (1, pickoff).
DP: 2 (Jeter-Cano-Teixeira, Teixeira).

Hill, R(L, 3-3)3.03554217.64
Mitre(W, 1-0)5.28431404.76
Aceves, A(H, 5)1.10000002.53
Coke(H, 11)1.01000103.76
Rivera(S, 27)1.00000002.20
Hill, R pitched to 2 batters in the 4th.

Game Scores: Hill, R 31, Mitre 42.
WP: Mitre.
Pitches-strikes: Hill, R 82-48, Bass 47-27, Albers 22-12, Hendrickson 11-6, Mitre 91-57, Aceves, A 12-9, Coke 9-7, Rivera 10-7.
Groundouts-flyouts: Hill, R 2-5, Bass 3-1, Albers 0-1, Hendrickson 1-0, Mitre 9-3, Aceves, A 1-3, Coke 0-0, Rivera 2-0.
Batters faced: Hill, R 16, Bass 11, Albers 5, Hendrickson 3, Mitre 25, Aceves, A 4, Coke 3, Rivera 3.
Inherited runners-scored: Albers 2-0, Aceves, A 1-0.
Umpires: HP: Jim Wolf. 1B: Brian O'Nora. 2B: Gary Cederstrom. 3B: Adrian Johnson.
Weather: 68 degrees, overcast.
Wind: 6 mph, L to R.
T: 2:53 (:26 delay).
Att: 45,589.
Venue: Yankee Stadium.
July 21, 2009
Compiled by MLB Advanced Media