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Monday, September 21, 2009:
Borbon, DH5232100.321
Andrus, SS6210034.271
Murphy, Dv, LF4232200.273
Byrd, CF4021002.283
1-Gentry, PR-CF1000013.000
Blalock, 1B5132013.241
Kinsler, 2B5100009.251
German, E, 2B0000000.342
Cruz, RF5110035.261
Davis, C, 3B4122111.218
Teagarden, C4000022.205
1-Ran for Byrd in the 8th.
Kennedy, A, 3B4010002.291
Davis, R, CF3111001.316
Sweeney, R, RF3010011.288
Carson, M, RF1112000.444
Suzuki, C3000002.268
Powell, C0000100.236
Cust, DH2000010.236
a-Munson, PH1000001.000
Ellis, M, 2B3000001.270
Buck, LF1000011.223
Hairston, S, LF1000000.265
Patterson, E, LF-2B2000101.196
Crosby, 1B3000001.224
Pennington, SS2110010.291
a-Flied out for Cust in the 9th.

2B: Murphy, Dv (21, Gonzalez, Ed); Blalock (19, Gonzalez, Ed); Byrd (42, Gonzalez, Ed).
3B: Davis, C (1, Gray, J).
TB: Andrus; Blalock 4; Borbon 3; Byrd 3; Cruz; Davis, C 4; Murphy, Dv 4.
RBI: Blalock 2 (62); Borbon 2 (16); Byrd (79); Davis, C 2 (52); Murphy, Dv 2 (48).
2-out RBI: Murphy, Dv; Blalock; Davis, C 2.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Cruz 2; Kinsler 3; Byrd; Teagarden; Gentry 2; Davis, C.
SAC: Teagarden.
Team RISP: 6-for-21.
Team LOB: 12.

SB: Borbon (16, 2nd base off Gonzalez, Ed/Suzuki).

E: Kinsler (9, throw).
DP: 2 (Blalock-Andrus-Millwood; Kinsler-Andrus-Blalock).

HR: Carson, M (1, 9th inning off Guardado, 1 on, 0 out).
TB: Carson, M 4; Davis, R; Kennedy, A; Pennington; Sweeney, R.
RBI: Carson, M 2 (3); Davis, R (44).
SF: Davis, R.
GIDP: Ellis, M; Kennedy, A.
Team LOB: 4.

CS: Kennedy, A (6, 2nd base by Millwood/Teagarden).

E: Kennedy, A (15, fielding); Patterson, E (1, throw).

Millwood(W, 11-10)7.03101203.79
Gonzalez, Ed(L, 0-3)3.19652305.22
Gray, J1.03220102.45
Rodriguez, Henry Alb1.01211109.00
WP: Rodriguez, Henry Alb 2.
HBP: Byrd (by Rodriguez, Henry Alb); Cust (by Millwood); Pennington (by Millwood).
Pitches-strikes: Millwood 90-54; O'Day 6-5; Guardado 30-21; Gonzalez, Ed 73-48; Kilby 34-25; Gray, J 23-15; Rodriguez, Henry Alb 29-18; Casilla 25-14.
Groundouts-flyouts: Millwood 10-2; O'Day 2-0; Guardado 0-1; Gonzalez, Ed 4-2; Kilby 1-2; Gray, J 1-1; Rodriguez, Henry Alb 2-1; Casilla 0-0.
Batters faced: Millwood 25; O'Day 3; Guardado 6; Gonzalez, Ed 22; Kilby 8; Gray, J 6; Rodriguez, Henry Alb 7; Casilla 6.
Inherited runners-scored: Kilby 2-0.
Umpires: HP: Laz Diaz. 1B: Eric Cooper. 2B: Mike Reilly. 3B: Chuck Meriwether.
Weather: 72 degrees, Clear.
Wind: 12 mph, Out To RF.
First pitch: 7:07 PM.
T: 2:43.
Att: 10,581.
Venue: Oakland Coliseum.
September 21, 2009
Compiled by MLB Advanced Media