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Tuesday, March 16, 2010:
Rays 7, Red Sox 0
Scutaro, SS3000021.167
Spears, N, SS10100001.000
Lowell, 1B2000010.250
Rizzo, 1B2000002.000
Drew, J, RF3000010.176
Lin, C, RF-CF1000000.250
Ortiz, D, DH2020000.217
a-Mailman, PH-DH2000010.000
Beltre, 3B3000012.231
Natale, 3B1000000.000
Cameron, M, CF2010110.333
Place, RF0000000.000
Hall, 2B3000014.100
Chang, 2B0000000.000
Kalish, LF3000012.214
Brown, D, C2000110.333
Molina, C00000001.000
a-Grounded out for Ortiz, D in the 6th.
Bartlett, SS3000003.286
Blalock, 1B2120000.286
Crawford, LF2000101.176
Aybar, W, 3B2011001.333
Longoria, 3B3000001.227
Brignac, R, 2B2000012.385
Pena, C, 1B3000021.000
Ruggiano, RF1010000.500
Zobrist, 2B3120001.316
Jaso, J, C1000002.300
Burrell, DH2100111.174
a-Johnson, D, PH-DH1000010.211
Upton, B, CF3110011.276
Johnson, E, LF1110000.381
Navarro, C2001000.500
Perez, F, CF1110000.316
Kapler, RF1012100.063
Rodriguez, S, SS2112010.407
a-Struck out for Burrell in the 8th.
TB: Spears, N; Ortiz, D 2; Cameron, M.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Kalish 2; Hall.
GIDP: Rizzo.
Team RISP: 0-for-3.
Team LOB: 5.

E: Spears, N (1, interference).

2B: Zobrist 2 (2, Doubront, Bonser), Blalock 2 (2, Sosa, J, Tazawa), Johnson, E (3, Tazawa).
HR: Rodriguez, S (5, 8th inning off Tazawa, 1 on, 1 out).
TB: Blalock 4; Aybar, W; Ruggiano; Zobrist 4; Upton, B; Johnson, E 2; Perez, F; Kapler; Rodriguez, S 4.
RBI: Navarro (2), Kapler 2 (2), Aybar, W (3), Rodriguez, S 2 (11).
2-out RBI: Navarro; Kapler 2.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Upton, B; Bartlett; Zobrist; Jaso, J; Brignac, R.
Team RISP: 5-for-13.
Team LOB: 8.

SB: Perez, F (1, 2nd base off Tazawa/Molina), Crawford (3, 2nd base off Bonser/Brown, D).

DP: (Rodriguez, S-Brignac, R-Blalock).

Bonser(L, 0-1)2.03332207.20
Nelson, J1.00000103.00
Sosa, J1.03110204.50
Davis, W(W, 1-0)4.03001507.04
Wheeler(H, 3)1.00001202.25
Sonnanstine(S, 1)4.01000302.00
HBP: Navarro (by Bonser).
Groundouts-flyouts: Doubront 4-4, Bonser 2-2, Nelson, J 0-1, Sosa, J 0-1, Tazawa 2-0, Davis, W 7-0, Wheeler 0-1, Sonnanstine 6-2.
Batters faced: Doubront 11, Bonser 12, Nelson, J 3, Sosa, J 6, Tazawa 7, Davis, W 16, Wheeler 4, Sonnanstine 12.
Umpires: HP: Tim Timmons. 1B: Jeff Kellogg. 2B: Wally Bell. 3B: Toby Basner.
Weather: 62 degrees, partly cloudy.
Wind: 13 mph, L to R.
T: 2:35.
Att: 7,672.
Compiled by MLB Advanced Media