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Sunday, July 11, 2010:
Scutaro, SS4110011.283
McDonald, D, CF4112001.271
Ortiz, DH3111110.263
Youkilis, 1B4010001.293
Beltre, 3B2000000.330
Patterson, E, 2B1000100.217
Drew, J, RF4000002.275
Hall, 2B-3B4010022.239
Nava, LF3000021.300
Cash, C3010010.184
Lewis, F, LF4000013.276
Gonzalez, Alex, SS4020002.259
Bautista, RF4000014.237
Wells, V, CF4000012.265
Lind, DH4110010.214
Hill, A, 2B4112000.189
Overbay, 1B4010000.250
1-Wise, PR0000000.233
Buck, C4010011.272
Encarnacion, 3B3020010.221
1-Ran for Overbay in the 9th.

2B: Scutaro (22, Litsch).
HR: McDonald, D (6, 6th inning off Litsch, 1 on, 2 out); Ortiz (18, 6th inning off Litsch, 0 on, 2 out).
TB: Cash; Hall; McDonald, D 4; Ortiz 4; Scutaro 2; Youkilis.
RBI: McDonald, D 2 (24); Ortiz (57).
2-out RBI: McDonald, D 2; Ortiz.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Hall 2.
GIDP: McDonald, D.
Team RISP: 1-for-3.
Team LOB: 4.

2B: Gonzalez, Alex (25, Matsuzaka).
HR: Hill, A (12, 7th inning off Matsuzaka, 1 on, 0 out).
TB: Buck; Encarnacion 2; Gonzalez, Alex 3; Hill, A 4; Lind; Overbay.
RBI: Hill, A 2 (33).
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Wells, V; Bautista.
Team RISP: 0-for-5.
Team LOB: 6.

DP: (Gonzalez, Alex-Hill, A-Overbay).

Matsuzaka(W, 6-3)6.06220514.56
Bard(H, 19)2.01000101.90
Papelbon(S, 20)1.01000003.50
Litsch(L, 0-4)7.04331526.54
Matsuzaka pitched to 2 batters in the 7th.

Pitches-strikes: Matsuzaka 88-62; Bard 16-11; Papelbon 8-5; Litsch 99-61; Janssen 15-8; Purcey 29-17.
Groundouts-flyouts: Matsuzaka 3-7; Bard 3-2; Papelbon 0-2; Litsch 10-4; Janssen 1-1; Purcey 1-0.
Batters faced: Matsuzaka 24; Bard 7; Papelbon 4; Litsch 26; Janssen 3; Purcey 5.
Umpires: HP: Jeff Nelson. 1B: Mark Carlson. 2B: Larry Vanover. 3B: Jeff Kellogg.
Weather: 77 degrees, Partly Cloudy.
Wind: 4 mph, Varies.
First pitch: 1:08 PM.
T: 2:32.
Att: 26,062.
Venue: Rogers Centre.
July 11, 2010
Compiled by MLB Advanced Media