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Tuesday, September 28, 2010:
Bonifacio, E, SS-3B3010210.280
Maybin, CF4021021.234
Cousins, CF0000000.300
c-Luna, H, PH1000011.148
Morrison, LF4000123.281
Uggla, 2B3121102.286
Sanchez, G, 1B4000006.276
Tracy, 3B2000100.237
a-Martinez, O, PH-SS1000000.280
Stanton, RF4030001.254
Davis, B, C4110023.229
Sanchez, An, P3000013.105
Sanches, P0000000.000
Badenhop, P0000000.000
b-Helms, PH1000010.220
a-Grounded out for Tracy in the 8th. b-Struck out for Badenhop in the 9th. c-Struck out for Cousins in the 9th.
Infante, 2B4010010.326
Heyward, RF3010101.279
McCann, B, C4000012.271
Lee, D, 1B3010111.255
Cabrera, M, LF4120001.257
Gonzalez, Alex, SS2000001.255
Conrad, 3B3111010.241
Ankiel, CF3010011.233
Hudson, T, P2000011.187
Kimbrel, P0000000.000
a-Hinske, PH1112000.259
Moylan, P0000000.000
Venters, P0000000.000
Wagner, B, P0000000.000
a-Homered for Kimbrel in the 7th.

2B: Davis, B (7, Hudson, T).
HR: Uggla (32, 8th inning off Moylan, 0 on, 0 out).
TB: Bonifacio, E; Davis, B 2; Maybin 2; Stanton 3; Uggla 5.
RBI: Maybin (28); Uggla (100).
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Sanchez, G 3.
GIDP: Sanchez, G.
Team RISP: 2-for-8.
Team LOB: 10.

SB: Bonifacio, E (11, 2nd base off Hudson, T/McCann, B).
PO: Maybin (1st base by Hudson, T).

E: Sanchez, An (5, pickoff).
Outfield assists: Stanton (McCann, B at home).
DP: (Bonifacio, E).

2B: Lee, D (31, Sanchez, An).
3B: Conrad (1, Sanchez, An).
HR: Hinske (11, 7th inning off Sanchez, An, 1 on, 2 out).
TB: Ankiel; Cabrera, M 2; Conrad 3; Heyward; Hinske 4; Infante; Lee, D 2.
RBI: Conrad (28); Hinske 2 (50).
2-out RBI: Hinske 2.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Lee, D; Heyward.
SAC: Gonzalez, Alex.
Team RISP: 2-for-6.
Team LOB: 5.

SB: Infante (7, 2nd base off Sanches/Davis, B).

Pickoffs: Hudson, T (Maybin at 1st base).
DP: (Gonzalez, Alex-Infante-Lee, D).

Sanchez, An(L, 12-12)6.27332613.62
Hudson, T6.07114402.76
Kimbrel(W, 4-0)1.00000300.47
Moylan(H, 20)0.11110013.00
Venters(H, 24)0.21000001.78
Wagner, B(S, 36)1.00001301.34
WP: Sanches.
IBB: Uggla (by Hudson, T).
Pitches-strikes: Sanchez, An 105-66; Sanches 7-3; Badenhop 16-11; Hudson, T 100-58; Kimbrel 18-12; Moylan 6-4; Venters 6-5; Wagner, B 21-12.
Groundouts-flyouts: Sanchez, An 9-1; Sanches 0-0; Badenhop 1-2; Hudson, T 8-4; Kimbrel 0-0; Moylan 0-0; Venters 2-0; Wagner, B 0-0.
Batters faced: Sanchez, An 27; Sanches 2; Badenhop 3; Hudson, T 27; Kimbrel 3; Moylan 2; Venters 3; Wagner, B 4.
Umpires: HP: Brian Runge. 1B: Jerry Layne. 2B: Mike Winters. 3B: Hunter Wendelstedt.
Weather: 72 degrees, Partly Cloudy.
Wind: 0 mph, None.
First pitch: 7:10 PM.
T: 2:44.
Att: 36,155.
Venue: Turner Field.
September 28, 2010
Compiled by MLB Advanced Media