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Friday, March 4, 2011:
Indians 6, Rockies 2
Fowler, CF4000012.182
Garner, RF1000001.308
Herrera, J, SS3110000.545
Iribarren, 2B1110000.571
Giambi, DH3021110.750
1-McKenry, PR-DH0000000.000
Wigginton, RF3000022.222
Wheeler, T, RF-LF1001001.167
Jacobs, 1B3000011.100
Paulsen, 1B1000001.333
Spilborghs, LF3020000.250
Morales, J, C1000011.400
Iannetta, C2000111.200
Blackmon, CF1000000.400
Nelson, C, 2B-SS3000013.167
Gomez, H, 3B1010000.167
Field, 3B-SS2000000.000
a-Pacheco, PH1000011.571
a-Struck out for Field in the 9th.
1-Ran for Giambi in the 8th.
Carrera, E, CF3121010.308
Weglarz, LF1000000.000
Cabrera, O, 2B2121100.500
1-Phelps, PR-2B2000003.143
Choo, RF3000004.125
Head, J, RF-CF2000003.000
Santana, C, C2000000.286
Chen, Ch, C2000001.000
Carlin, C1000011.333
Hafner, DH2000100.111
a-Kipnis, PH-DH1000000.125
LaPorta, 1B4000012.143
2-McBride, PR-1B0100000.000
Chisenhall, 3B4231010.500
Huffman, C, LF-RF4132001.455
Everett, SS2010100.375
b-Valbuena, PH-SS1000002.143
a-Grounded out for Hafner in the 7th. b-Popped out for Everett in the 7th.
1-Ran for Cabrera, O in the 5th. 2-Ran for LaPorta in the 7th.
2B: Iribarren (1, Mathis, D).
3B: Herrera, J (2, Carmona, F).
TB: Herrera, J 3; Iribarren 2; Giambi 2; Spilborghs 2; Gomez, H.
RBI: Giambi (1), Wheeler, T (2).
2-out RBI: Giambi.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Nelson, C; Fowler; Garner.
Team RISP: 2-for-7.
Team LOB: 8.

SB: Spilborghs (1, 2nd base off Hagadone/Chen, Ch).

E: Chacin (1, pickoff), Nelson, C (1, throw), Field 2 (2, throw, throw), Gomez, H (5, fielding).

3B: Cabrera, O (1, Chacin).
HR: Huffman, C (1, 4th inning off Lindstrom, 0 on, 1 out), Chisenhall (1, 6th inning off Mortensen, 0 on, 0 out).
TB: Carrera, E 2; Cabrera, O 4; Chisenhall 6; Huffman, C 6; Everett.
RBI: Cabrera, O (2), Carrera, E (5), Huffman, C 2 (2), Chisenhall (3).
2-out RBI: Carrera, E; Huffman, C.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Choo 2; LaPorta; Head, J 2; Valbuena 2; Carlin.
SAC: Carrera, E.
Team RISP: 3-for-9.
Team LOB: 10.

Chacin(L, 1-1)3.05331105.40
Carmona, F(W, 2-0)3.03111201.80
Perez, C(H, 1)1.00000100.00
White(H, 1)2.00001306.00
Hagadone(H, 1)1.01000100.00
Mathis, D1.02110106.00
WP: Stults.
HBP: Field (by Hagadone).
Groundouts-flyouts: Chacin 4-4, Lindstrom 1-0, Mortensen 2-3, Stults 3-2, Carmona, F 5-1, Perez, C 1-1, White 1-0, Hagadone 1-1, Mathis, D 1-1, Herrmann 0-1.
Batters faced: Chacin 15, Lindstrom 4, Mortensen 11, Stults 10, Carmona, F 13, Perez, C 3, White 7, Hagadone 5, Mathis, D 5, Herrmann 4.
Umpires: HP: Clint Fagan. 1B: Mike Everitt. 2B: . 3B: Alan Porter.
Weather: 83 degrees, partly cloudy.
Wind: 13 mph, L to R.
T: 2:54.
Att: 2,529.
Compiled by MLB Advanced Media