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Tuesday, March 8, 2011:
Perez, F, CF3000002.375
Johnson, R, CF1000001.188
Castro, S, SS3010010.455
Camp, SS1000011.417
Colvin, LF3000021.227
Montanez, LF1000001.231
Soto, Ge, C3010001.235
Hill, K, C1000000.000
Baker, J, 3B2000012.267
Smith, Ma, 3B2000010.273
Fukudome, RF1000101.278
Jackson, B, RF2000000.083
DeWitt, 2B2010001.200
Scales, 2B1010000.375
Moore, S, 1B3000013.294
Zambrano, P1000010.000
Marshall, S, P0000000.000
a-Ramirez, M, PH1000012.286
Looper, P0000000.000
b-Adduci, PH1010000.100
Coello, P0000000.000
a-Struck out for Marshall, S in the 5th. b-Singled for Looper in the 8th.
Taveras, W, CF4010012.278
Escalona, E, P0000000.000
Morales, P0000000.000
Blackmon, RF4000001.263
Gonzalez, C, LF3000011.250
Wheeler, T, LF0000100.222
Tulowitzki, SS3000001.200
Schaeffer, SS1000011.000
Helton, 1B3020000.250
Jacobs, 1B1000011.143
Lopez, Jo, 2B3110001.235
Hulett, 2B1000001.000
Pagnozzi, C3010012.333
1-Nelson, PR0100000.154
Salazar, J, CF0000000.000
Field, 3B2111011.083
De La Rosa, J, P10100001.000
Mortensen, P1000010.000
Betancourt, R, P0000000.000
a-Pacheco, PH-C1113000.500
a-Homered for Betancourt, R in the 7th. 1-Ran for Pagnozzi in the 7th.

2B: Soto, Ge (2, De La Rosa, J).
TB: Adduci; Castro, S; DeWitt; Scales; Soto, Ge 2.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Perez, F; DeWitt.
Team RISP: 0-for-6.
Team LOB: 6.

HR: Pacheco (1, 7th inning off Looper, 2 on, 1 out).
TB: De La Rosa, J; Field; Helton 2; Lopez, Jo; Pacheco 4; Pagnozzi; Taveras, W.
RBI: Field (1); Pacheco 3 (7).
2-out RBI: Field.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Taveras, W; Hulett; Tulowitzki.
Team RISP: 2-for-7.
Team LOB: 5.

Zambrano(L, 0-1)3.05110101.13
Marshall, S1.01000202.70
De La Rosa, J(W, 1-1)4.02000505.14
Mortensen(H, 1)2.01001202.25
Betancourt, R(H, 1)1.01000109.00
Escalona, E1.01000100.00
WP: Coello.
HBP: Field (by Looper).
Groundouts-flyouts: Zambrano 3-3; Marshall, S 1-0; Looper 5-2; Coello 0-1; De La Rosa, J 5-1; Mortensen 4-0; Betancourt, R 0-2; Escalona, E 0-2; Morales 1-1.
Batters faced: Zambrano 13; Marshall, S 4; Looper 12; Coello 4; De La Rosa, J 14; Mortensen 8; Betancourt, R 4; Escalona, E 4; Morales 3.
Umpires: HP: Lance Barrett. 1B: Alfonso Marquez. 2B: Chris Tiller. 3B: Chris Conroy.
Weather: 67 degrees, Sunny.
Wind: 2 mph, Out To RF.
First pitch: 1:11 PM.
T: 2:29.
Att: 8,353.
Venue: Salt River Fields at Talking Stick.
March 8, 2011
Compiled by MLB Advanced Media