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Tuesday, March 8, 2011:
Stubbs, CF3123000.313
Perez, F, CF2011010.500
Renteria, SS3010000.400
Janish, SS2010000.375
Votto, 1B3000122.143
Soto, N, 1B1000002.167
Rolen, 3B3010012.286
Cairo, 3B1100102.154
Bruce, RF3000004.200
Hermida, RF1010000.385
Gomes, J, LF3000000.067
Lewis, F, LF1001001.250
Hernandez, Ra, C2000000.222
a-Mesoraco, PH-C1000100.400
Valaika, 2B2110101.412
Torreyes, 2B1110000.333
Hanigan, DH1100111.231
b-Means, PH-DH2000012.000
a-Walked for Hernandez, Ra in the 6th. b-Bunted out for Hanigan in the 6th.
Getz, 2B3000011.071
Zawadzki, 2B1000010.400
Cabrera, M, CF2110111.471
Robinson, D, CF1000000.250
Butler, B, 1B3112012.300
Hosmer, 1B1000000.429
Francoeur, RF2010011.222
Carroll, RF2000010.000
Betemit, DH4000021.000
Gordon, A, LF1010100.125
Lough, LF2000000.267
Feliz, 3B2000002.077
Moustakas, 3B1000010.176
May, C2010010.333
Pina, C1000000.167
Escobar, A, SS2020000.417
Falu, SS1000000.111

2B: Torreyes (1, Shell).
HR: Stubbs (1, 4th inning off Duffy, D, 2 on, 2 out).
TB: Hermida; Janish; Perez, F; Renteria; Rolen; Stubbs 5; Torreyes 2; Valaika.
RBI: Lewis, F (3); Perez, F (2); Stubbs 3 (4).
2-out RBI: Stubbs 3.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Cairo; Bruce 3.
Team RISP: 2-for-10.
Team LOB: 8.

CS: Lewis, F (3, 2nd base by Keating/Pina).

DP: (Renteria-Valaika-Votto).

HR: Butler, B (1, 3rd inning off Wood, T, 1 on, 1 out).
TB: Butler, B 4; Cabrera, M; Escobar, A 2; Francoeur; Gordon, A; May.
RBI: Butler, B 2 (7).
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Butler, B.
GIDP: Feliz.
Team RISP: 1-for-2.
Team LOB: 4.

SB: Escobar, A (1, 2nd base off LeCure/Hernandez, Ra).
CS: Francoeur (2, 2nd base by Wood, T/Hernandez, Ra).

Wood, T(W, 1-0)3.05222213.60
LeCure(H, 1)2.02000400.00
Willis(H, 2)2.00000300.00
Maloney(S, 1)2.00000101.29
Duffy, D(L, 0-1)(BS, 1)2.01332119.00
Holland, G1.00001000.00
WP: Davies.
Pitches-strikes: Wood, T 47-28; LeCure 31-20; Willis 23-16; Maloney 25-14; Davies 50-31; Duffy, D 49-26; Holland, G 12-7; Hardy 14-9; Keating 15-10; Shell 23-17.
Groundouts-flyouts: Wood, T 1-3; LeCure 1-0; Willis 3-0; Maloney 3-0; Davies 0-6; Duffy, D 0-4; Holland, G 1-2; Hardy 0-2; Keating 1-0; Shell 0-2.
Batters faced: Wood, T 14; LeCure 7; Willis 6; Maloney 6; Davies 14; Duffy, D 9; Holland, G 4; Hardy 3; Keating 4; Shell 6.
Umpires: HP: Stephen Barga. 1B: Doug Eddings. 2B: Mike DiMuro. 3B: Mark Ripperger.
Weather: 66 degrees, Sunny.
Wind: 5 mph, Out To RF.
First pitch: 1:06 PM.
T: 2:40.
Att: 2,502.
Venue: Surprise Stadium.
March 8, 2011
Compiled by MLB Advanced Media