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Saturday, March 12, 2011:
Gose, CF5021014.278
McDonald, Jo, 3B2000111.278
Tolisano, 3B1000001.250
Lind, 1B2010101.304
1-Cooper, PR-1B1000000.300
Thames, DH4000013.290
d'Arnaud, C3000002.000
Jeroloman, C1000000.077
Patterson, C, LF3000002.154
Lane, J, LF1000010.250
Sierra, RF3110000.176
a-Murphy, Ja, PH1000010.000
Hechavarria, SS4230001.214
Goins, 2B3001002.125
Jackson, 2B10100001.000
a-Struck out for Sierra in the 9th. 1-Ran for Lind in the 6th.
Jackson, A, CF3000010.286
Thomas, C, CF1010000.280
b-Strieby, PH-1B1011000.259
Avila, C2010110.300
1-Holaday, PR-C2000013.143
Ordonez, DH2010110.120
a-Thorman, PH-DH1001001.176
Cabrera, 1B3110104.241
3-Worth, PR-3B0000000.158
Boesch, RF3010012.333
Wells, C, RF0000000.263
Inge, 3B1001100.240
2-Kelly, D, PR-3B-1B-CF1000013.308
Peralta, J, SS3020001.308
Santiago, R, SS1110000.400
Sizemore, 2B4121012.259
Dirks, LF3100112.438
a-Grounded into a forceout for Ordonez in the 7th. b-Singled for Thomas, C in the 8th. 1-Ran for Avila in the 5th. 2-Ran for Inge in the 6th. 3-Ran for Cabrera in the 7th.

2B: Lind (2, Penny); Gose (2, Weinhardt).
3B: Sierra (1, Penny).
TB: Gose 3; Hechavarria 3; Jackson; Lind 2; Sierra 3.
RBI: Goins (3); Gose (2).
2-out RBI: Gose.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Thames; Tolisano; Patterson, C 2; Gose.
Team RISP: 1-for-12.
Team LOB: 7.

CS: Gose (1, 2nd base by Penny/Avila).

Outfield assists: Gose (Boesch at 2nd base).
Pickoffs: Ray, R (Peralta, J at 2nd base).
DP: 2 (Gose-Goins; Goins-Hechavarria-Cooper).

3B: Santiago, R (1, Abreu).
HR: Sizemore (1, 7th inning off Roenicke, 0 on, 0 out).
TB: Avila; Boesch; Cabrera; Ordonez; Peralta, J 2; Santiago, R 3; Sizemore 5; Strieby; Thomas, C.
RBI: Inge (5); Sizemore (9); Strieby (6); Thorman (3).
2-out RBI: Strieby.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Boesch; Cabrera; Kelly, D 2.
SF: Inge.
GIDP: Peralta, J.
Team RISP: 1-for-9.
Team LOB: 10.

CS: Peralta, J (1, 3rd base by Ray, R/d'Arnaud).
PO: Peralta, J (2nd base by Ray, R).

E: Peralta, J (1, fielding).
PB: Avila (1).

Ray, R2.02002203.00
Stewart, Z(BS, 1)2.02111204.05
Alvarez III, H(H, 1)2.02001000.00
Roenicke(BS, 1)0.23221016.75
Abreu(L, 0-1)0.21110204.50
Schlereth(W, 1-0)1.00000100.00
Alburquerque(S, 1)1.02000306.35
WP: Penny; Valverde.
HBP: Boesch (by Abreu).
Groundouts-flyouts: Ray, R 0-3; Stewart, Z 1-2; Alvarez III, H 3-2; Roenicke 1-0; Abreu 0-0; Henn 0-0; Penny 7-3; Valverde 0-2; Weinhardt 1-1; Schlereth 2-0; Alburquerque 0-0.
Batters faced: Ray, R 9; Stewart, Z 8; Alvarez III, H 8; Roenicke 6; Abreu 4; Henn 3; Penny 20; Valverde 4; Weinhardt 5; Schlereth 3; Alburquerque 5.
Inherited runners-scored: Abreu 2-0; Henn 1-1.
Umpires: HP: Mark Wegner. 1B: Jerry Layne. 2B: Greg Gibson. 3B: Tyler Funneman.
Weather: 68 degrees, Sunny.
Wind: 6 mph, In From RF.
First pitch: 1:10 PM.
T: 2:44.
Att: 6,902.
Venue: Joker Marchant Stadium.
March 12, 2011
Compiled by MLB Advanced Media