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Sunday, September 21, 2014:
Strange-Gordon, 2B5000013.291
Puig, CF5420011.301
Gonzalez, A, 1B5121012.279
Kemp, M, RF5144001.286
Ramirez, H, SS4021003.284
Rojas, SS1100001.187
Crawford, C, LF5020012.292
Uribe, 3B5121003.310
Ellis, C5010013.193
Wright, J, P0000000.000
Frias, P1000010.000
a-Van Slyke, PH1011000.286
Perez, C, P0000000.000
Rodriguez, P, P0000000.000
b-Pederson, PH0000100.150
Baez, P, P0000000.000
Jansen, K, P0000000.000
a-Doubled for Frias in the 6th. b-Walked for Rodriguez, P in the 8th.
Coghlan, LF5021030.284
Baez, J, SS4110114.171
Rizzo, 1B4100113.279
Valbuena, 3B4121122.252
Castillo, C4111004.238
Alcantara, A, CF4011021.215
Valaika, 2B3000122.230
Szczur, RF2100011.241
a-Kalish, PH-RF2000000.239
Turner, J, P2010000.190
Rosscup, P0000000.000
b-Watkins, PH1000010.254
Fujikawa, P0000000.000
Straily, P0000000.000
Schlitter, P00000001.000
c-Lopez, R, PH0000100.143
a-Lined out for Szczur in the 6th. b-Struck out for Rosscup in the 6th. c-Walked for Schlitter in the 9th.

2B: Gonzalez, A (40, Turner, J); Ramirez, H (35, Turner, J); Uribe (22, Rosscup); Van Slyke (13, Rosscup).
HR: Kemp, M (23, 3rd inning off Turner, J, 1 on, 1 out).
TB: Crawford, C 2; Ellis; Gonzalez, A 3; Kemp, M 7; Puig 2; Ramirez, H 3; Uribe 3; Van Slyke 2.
RBI: Gonzalez, A (112); Kemp, M 4 (84); Ramirez, H (71); Uribe (49); Van Slyke (27).
2-out RBI: Kemp, M; Ramirez, H; Van Slyke; Uribe.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Crawford, C; Ellis; Strange-Gordon 2.
SAC: Wright, J.
GIDP: Uribe.
Team RISP: 8-for-17.
Team LOB: 9.

SB: Puig (10, 2nd base off Turner, J/Castillo).

2B: Valbuena (32, Frias); Alcantara, A (10, Frias); Coghlan (27, Jansen, K).
HR: Castillo (12, 8th inning off Baez, P, 0 on, 0 out).
TB: Alcantara, A 2; Baez, J; Castillo 4; Coghlan 3; Turner, J; Valbuena 3.
RBI: Alcantara, A (27); Castillo (43); Coghlan (39); Valbuena (51).
2-out RBI: Alcantara, A; Coghlan.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Valaika 2; Valbuena 2; Castillo; Baez, J.
Team RISP: 3-for-13.
Team LOB: 8.

E: Baez, J (9, throw).
Outfield assists: Coghlan (Ramirez, H at 1st base).
PB: Castillo 2 (7).
DP: 2 (Coghlan-Baez, J-Rizzo; Baez, J-Valaika-Rizzo).

Wright, J2.03112304.30
Perez, C(W, 1-3)1.10000204.27
Rodriguez, P(H, 4)0.20000103.38
Baez, P(H, 5)1.01110012.01
Jansen, K(S, 43)1.01001202.89
Turner, J(L, 5-11)5.08540316.25
WP: Frias; Turner, J.
Pitches-strikes: Wright, J 46-29; Frias 58-35; Perez, C 23-15; Rodriguez, P 11-6; Baez, P 23-15; Jansen, K 23-18; Turner, J 87-55; Rosscup 23-16; Fujikawa 22-14; Straily 18-12; Schlitter 14-12.
Groundouts-flyouts: Wright, J 2-0; Frias 3-0; Perez, C 0-1; Rodriguez, P 0-0; Baez, P 1-1; Jansen, K 1-0; Turner, J 4-6; Rosscup 0-1; Fujikawa 3-0; Straily 1-1; Schlitter 3-0.
Batters faced: Wright, J 11; Frias 14; Perez, C 4; Rodriguez, P 2; Baez, P 4; Jansen, K 5; Turner, J 23; Rosscup 5; Fujikawa 6; Straily 4; Schlitter 6.
Umpires: HP: Gerry Davis. 1B: Greg Gibson. 2B: Phil Cuzzi. 3B: Tripp Gibson.
Weather: 61 degrees, Cloudy.
Wind: 14 mph, In From LF.
First pitch: 1:22 PM.
T: 3:45.
Att: 31,933.
Venue: Wrigley Field.
September 21, 2014
Compiled by MLB Advanced Media