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Sunday, July 28, 2019:
Garcia, R, 2B5010010.241
Contreras, C5001001.280
Bryant, 3B5000021.294
Rizzo, 1B4000010.284
Baez, J, SS3110120.285
Heyward, RF4210021.273
Happ, I, CF-LF1300310.000
Schwarber, LF3437000.228
Holland, D, P0000000.083
Quintana, P2000000.051
Brach, P0000000.250
a-Caratini, PH1113000.272
Ryan, P0000000.000
Kintzler, P0000000.000
b-Almora Jr., PH-CF1000001.242
a-Homered for Brach in the 6th. b-Flied out for Kintzler in the 9th.
Cain, CF3101000.251
Yelich, RF4011001.337
Braun, LF4011002.271
Hiura, 2B4000021.325
Grandal, C3110111.258
Aguilar, 1B3110001.225
Jackson, J, P0000000.000
Williams, T, P0000000.000
b-Gamel, PH1000000.252
Arcia, SS3100121.221
Saladino, 3B4000033.125
Davies, P1000010.125
a-Pina, PH1011000.211
Jeffress, P0000000.000
Shaw, T, 1B1000000.160
a-Singled for Davies in the 5th. b-Grounded out for Williams, T in the 9th.

HR: Schwarber 2 (24, 2nd inning off Davies, 3 on, 1 out, 4th inning off Davies, 2 on, 1 out); Caratini (5, 6th inning off Jeffress, 2 on, 2 out).
TB: Baez, J; Caratini 4; Garcia, R; Heyward; Schwarber 9.
RBI: Caratini 3 (21); Contreras (56); Schwarber 7 (54).
2-out RBI: Caratini 3.
Team RISP: 3-for-4.
Team LOB: 1.

E: Garcia, R (3, fielding).

2B: Yelich (21, Quintana); Braun (19, Kintzler).
TB: Aguilar; Braun 2; Grandal; Pina; Yelich 2.
RBI: Braun (49); Cain (36); Pina (16); Yelich (80).
2-out RBI: Yelich.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Grandal; Braun 2.
SF: Cain.
Team RISP: 2-for-6.
Team LOB: 4.

Brach(W, 4-3)0.10000006.00
Holland, D1.00000105.79
Davies(L, 8-4)5.04773123.56
Jackson, J2.00000505.84
Williams, T1.011101012.34
HBP: Schwarber (by Williams, T).
Pitches-strikes: Quintana 76-44; Brach 4-2; Ryan 29-21; Kintzler 12-10; Holland, D 11-7; Davies 74-46; Jeffress 21-13; Jackson, J 29-22; Williams, T 17-14.
Groundouts-flyouts: Quintana 1-4; Brach 1-0; Ryan 2-1; Kintzler 0-0; Holland, D 1-0; Davies 6-5; Jeffress 0-0; Jackson, J 1-0; Williams, T 1-1.
Batters faced: Quintana 20; Brach; Ryan 8; Kintzler 3; Holland, D 3; Davies 22; Jeffress 6; Jackson, J 6; Williams, T 5.
Inherited runners-scored: Brach 2-0; Kintzler 1-1.
Umpires: HP: Gary Cederstrom. 1B: Ryan Additon. 2B: Adrian Johnson. 3B: Marty Foster.
Weather: 90 degrees, Partly Cloudy.
Wind: 8 mph, R To L.
First pitch: 1:10 PM.
T: 2:56.
Att: 43,544.
Venue: Miller Park.
July 28, 2019
Compiled by MLB Advanced Media