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Mitch Williams, an analyst for MLB Network, played 11 Major League seasons, pitching for six teams, including the 1993 NL champion Phillies.

  • December 03 9:28 PM ET

    Best trades before Winter Meetings

    As we head into Winter Meetings there have been some trades made that have made some teams better and other teams weaker in my opinion. I will deal with just two trades in particular. Both of them involve the Tigers. It is only my opinion, but the trading of Prince Fielder and Doug Fister have made […] More»
  • November 12 8:51 PM ET


    My predictions for 2013 didn’t go as well this year as they have in previous years. But when it was all said and done, we had a great season to look back at and say there were some really big surprises. And some not-so-big surprises. I will start with who I picked to make the […] More»
  • October 30 8:15 PM ET

    Cold weather pitching in Game 6

    With the series 3-2 in favor of the Red Sox heading into Game 6 tonight, there are many people who think it is over with the series moving back to Boston. I for one don’t think it is over, mainly for one reason. That reason is 22 years old and stands 6’6″ tall. Michael Wacha! […] More»
  • October 13 10:22 PM ET

    League Championship Series

    For all of those reading this, I’m a little late with my predictions for who will advance to the World Series. But I will say this: Game 2 of the ALCS hasn’t started yet, but with the Tigers winning Game 1 in Boston 1-0, I can tell you that I would have bet all I […] More»
  • September 30 6:03 PM ET

    Postseason preview

    With the season over and the playoffs upon us, I wish I could sit here and tell y’all who is going to win. It is so close in both leagues that it is almost impossible to predict. We still don’t know the final Wild Card team from the AL. The Dodgers haven’t been playing that well […] More»
  • September 12 11:57 PM ET

    Jose Fernandez

    What happened in the Marlins-Braves game last night was one of the dumbest and most embarrassing things I have seen on a big league field. For those who didn’t see what happened, Jose Fernandez of the Marlins is pitching against the Braves and Evan Gattis hits a bomb off him, then proceeds to style and […] More»
  • September 04 8:35 PM ET


    2013 has turned out to be the year that the Pirates have broken a 20-year stretch of losing seasons. Last night they won their 81st game of the year. It has been a great story to watch unfold and I am happy to see that streak come to an end. There are players on that team […] More»
  • August 28 4:06 PM ET

    Pennant races

    With September nearly upon us , I thought I would look at who is going to be in the 2013 Postseason in the National League. In the East, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say the Braves have that locked up. They hold a lead that I don’t believe can possibly be overtaken. […] More»
  • July 23 9:09 PM ET

    Grilli going down

    With Jason Grilli going on the DL, how much will this hurt the Pirates’ chances to make the Postseason? Simply put, I don’t believe they can if they don’t make a move before the Trade Deadline. There are a few teams that can use a closer heading into the deadline. If I were the Pirates, […] More»
  • July 01 7:58 PM ET

    Are the Pirates for real?

    What makes this Pirate team for real, after last year’s team teased all of us into thinking they were going to finally finish above .500 for the first time in 20 years? First off, they have depth in their starting rotation. What Jeff Locke and Gerrit Cole have done has been impressive. When you have […] More»
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