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12/06/2004 3:43 PM ET
Commissioner's statement
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Baseball Commissioner Allan H. (Bud) Selig today issued the following response to recent comments made by Arizona Senator John McCain:

"I appreciate the support of Senator McCain on this serious issue of ridding Major League Baseball of performance enhancing substances and I am grateful for his assistance and concern. The illegal use of these substances is damaging our great game's credibility. It seriously threatens the health of our players; and perhaps, most damaging, it encourages our young fans to use these horrible substances.

"While I would prefer to resolve this problem directly with the Players Association and jointly implement a much stronger drug-testing policy in Major League Baseball, one modeled after our program in the minor leagues, I understand the need for swift and resolute action. I have promised to leave no stone unturned until we strengthen our drug-testing policy. If we cannot resolve this issue privately, I gladly will accept whatever help is offered by Senator McCain to achieve our ultimate goal."

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