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12/21/2004 4:46 PM ET
Major League Baseball statement
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Baseball Commissioner Allan H. (Bud) Selig issued the following statement today regarding the legislation passed by the Council of the District of Columbia today:

"Major League Baseball is pleased that the Council of the District of Columbia today approved legislation consistent with the terms of our original agreement to have Washington as a home for Major League Baseball."

"The sunset amendment to the original legislation initiated last week was a critical issue because it changed the transaction and did not commit the government to the financing agreed to in the stadium agreement. With the city once again assuring financing as well as continuing to agree to split the costs with MLB on damages incurred by moving into a new stadium after the target date, we can now focus our attention on bringing baseball back to Washington this coming season. To that end, the club may now resume its business and promotional activities."

"We are also pleased that our discussions with Washington's elected leaders over the last several days have helped each side better understand the concerns of the other. We are now more confident than ever of a long and productive relationship with the city of Washington as we move forward with this great project."

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