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06/11/2009 4:20 PM ET
Mariners complete First-Year Player Draft
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The Seattle Mariners Director of Scouting Tom McNamara announced today that the club made 52 selections in the 2009 First-Year Player Draft, highlighted by their first pick, outfielder Dustin Ackley, who was the second overall pick in the draft. The Mariners selected 24 pitchers, including 9 left-handers, 15 infielders, 5 catchers and 8 outfielders.

"Overall, we're very pleased with the talent level and character of the players we drafted," McNamara said. "We look forward to getting many of these young men signed and in uniform."

In all Seattle selected players from 21 states: California (8), Florida (7), Georgia (3), Hawaii, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan (2), North Carolina (2), New York (3), Oregon, Pennsylvania (2), Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas (7), Washington (3) and Wisconsin. Forty-nine players are US natives, and three are Canadian. The Mariners took 9 high school players and 43 college players.

The Mariners selected seven players with ties to the Northwest. Seattle's 14th round pick was outfielder Adam Nelubowich, from Vauxhall H.S. in Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada. The 15th round selection was left-handed pitcher Blake Keitzman, from Western Oregon University in Roseburg, OR. And in the 20th round, the Mariners selected left-handed pitcher Jonathan Hesketh. Hesketh attends the Univ. of New Mexico, but his hometown is Langley, B.C., Canada. Other local players included LHP Bennett Whitmore, from the University of Oregon (32); 2B Hawkins Gebbers, a Brewster, WA, native playing for Biola (CA) University (33); Pasco, WA native Jordan Merry, a RHP from the University of Washington (40); 3B Stephen Hagen, a Lakebay, WA, native playing for Eastern Oklahoma St; and RHP David Holman, the son of former Mariners pitcher Brian Holman. David was pitching with Hutchinson, CC in Kansas.

The Mariners drafted 28 position players, 10 of the first 13 selections, including the first 6 consecutive picks. Seattle's first pick the 2009 draft (first round/#2 overall) was outfielder Dustin Ackley from the University of North Carolina. The Mariners final pick (50th round/#1493 overall) was first baseman Evan Sharpley, from the University of Notre Dame.

Seattle selected 24 pitchers in the draft, including 19 of its final 33 picks. LHP Brian Moran (7th round) from University of North Carolina was the first pitcher selected by the Mariners. In all, 23 of the 24 pitchers selected by Seattle were college pitchers. RHP Scott Griggs (34th round) was drafted out of San Ramon Valley H.S.

Five Seattle draft picks will play in the College World Series this week: Ackley, Moran and 2B Kyle Seager are part of the North Carolina team; RHP Andrew Carraway (12th round) is with his Virginia teammates and RHP Kyle Witten is a part of the Cal State Fullerton club in Omaha.

Seattle also selected three sets of teammates in the draft: OF Dustin Ackley (1st round), 2B Kyle Seager (3rd round) and LHP Brian Moran from the University of North Carolina; 1B Rich Poytrhress (2nd round) and OF Matthew Cerione (13th round) from the University of Georgia; and left-handed pitcher Anthony Vasquez (18th) & right-handed pitcher Daniel Cooper (21st round) from the University of Southern California.

Here is a look at the Mariners 2009 draft selections:

^1 Dustin Ackley OF L-R 6-1 184 21 Univ. of North Carolina Walnut Cove, NC
^^1 Nick Franklin SS B-R 6-1 170 18 Lake Brantley H.S. Longwood, FL
^^^1A Steven Baron C R-R 6-0 190 18 Ferguson H.S. Miami, FL
2 Rich Poythress 1B R-R 6-4 245 21 Univ. of Georgia Grovetown, GA
3 Kyle Seager 2B L-R 6-1 187 21 Univ. of North Carolina Kannapolis, NC
4 James Jones LF L-L 6-3 185 20 Long Island Univ. Brooklyn, NY
5 Tyler Blandford RHP R-R 6-3 220 21 Oklahoma State Univ. Owensborro, KY
6 Shaver Hansen 2B S-R 6-0 185 21 Baylor Univ. Hewitt, TX
7 Brian Moran LHP L-L 6-4 195 20 Univ. of North Carolina Rye, NY
8 James Gillheeny LHP L-L 6-0 200 21 North Carolina St. U. Johnston, RI
9 Trevor Coleman C S-R 6-1 210 21 Univ. of Missouri Dripping Springs, TX
10 Vincent Catricala 3B R-R 6-3 220 20 Univ. of Hawaii Sacramento, CA
11 Timothy Morris 1B L-L 6-3 220 21 St. John's University Villanova, PA
12 Andrew Carraway RHP R-R 6-3 200 22 Univ. of Virginia Marietta, GA
13 Matthew Cerione OF L-L 6-2 180 21 Univ. of Georgia Alpharetta, GA
14 Adam Nelubowich 3B L-R 6-2 185 18 Vauxhall H.S. Stony Plain, AB, Canada
15 Blake Keitzman LHP L-R 6-0 180 21 Western Oregon Univ. Roseburg, OR
16 Tillman Pugh CF R-R 5-11 190 20 Gateway CC Oakland, CA
17 Josef Terry 2B L-R 5-11 185 19 Cerritos JC Long Beach, CA
18 Anthony Vasquez LHP L-L 6-0 190 22 USC San Antonio, TX
19 Eric Thomas RHP R-R 6-0 180 22 Bethune-Cookman Univ. Gainesville, FL
20 Jonathan Hesketh LHP L-L 6-0 195 23 Univ. of New Mexico Langley, B.C., Canada
21 Daniel Cooper RHP R-R 6-3 205 22 USC Costa Mesa, CA
22 Andrew Hayes RHP R-R 6-1 205 21 Vanderbilt Univ. McKenzie, TN
23 David Rollins LHP L-L 6-1 185 19 San Jacinto College North Carthage, TX
24 Carlton Tanabe C R-R 6-0 190 17 Pearl City H.S. Pearl City, HI
25 Brandon Josselyn RHP L-R 6-3 195 22 Yale Univ. Hanson, MA
26 Christopher Sorce RHP R-R 6-1 195 21 Troy St. Univ. Pace, FL
27 Austin Hudson RHP R-R 6-5 195 21 Univ. of Central Florida Orlando, FL
28 Regan Flaherty 1B L-L 6-3 185 18 Deering H.S. Portland, ME
29 Brandon Haveman LF L-R 5-9 165 22 Purdue Univ. Zeeland, MI
30 Brandon Bantz C R-R 6-1 211 22 Dallas Baptist Univ. Mansfield, TX
31 Clinton Dempster LHP L-L 6-0 180 19 Mississippi Gulf Coast JC Thibodaux, LA
32 Bennett Whitmore LHP L-L 6-3 215 21 Univ. of Oregon Clovis, CA
33 Hawkins Gebbers 2B R-R 6-2 200 22 Biola University Brewster, WA
34 Scott Griggs RHP R-R 6-3 180 18 San Ramon Valley H.S. Alamo, CA
35 Eric Valdez RHP R-R 6-1 195 22 Indiana St. Univ. Kearny, NY
36 John Housey RHP R-R 6-4 188 21 Univ. of Miami Hollywood, FL
37 Chris Kessinger RHP R-R 6-0 195 23 Univ. Nebraska-Omaha Sioux Falls, SD
38 Matthew Nohelty CF L-R 6-2 185 23 Univ. of Minnesota Rothchild, WI
39 Greg Waddell LF L-R 6-1 210 22 Florida International Univ. Miami, FL
40 Jorden Merry RHP R-R 6-1 190 21 Univ. of Washington Pasco, WA
41 Kyle Witten RHP R-R 6-4 195 20 Cal. State Fullerton Bakersfield, CA
42 Stephen Hagen 3B R-R 6-2 225 20 Eastern Oklahoma St. Lakebay, WA
43 Cameron Perkins 3B R-R 6-5 195 18 Southport H.S. Indianapolis, IN
44 Mark Angelo LF L-R 6-2 195 22 East Stroudsburg Univ. Quakertown, PA
45 Kevin Mailloux 2B R-R 5-11 195 23 Canisius College Tecumseh, ONT, Canada
46 Clay Cederquist 1B L-L 6-3 175 19 Fowler, H.S. Fowler, CA
47 David Holman RHP R-R 6-5 185 19 Hutchinson, C.C. Goddard, KS
48 Sean Nolin LHP L-L 6-4 250 19 San Jacinto JC Houston, TX
49 Dane Phillips C L-R 6-1 195 18 Central Heights H.S. Nacodoches, TX
50 Evan Sharpley 1B L-R 6-2 210 22 Notre Dame Marshall, MI
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