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05/26/05 8:36 AM ET

Maybin: A good two weeks

High school outfielder Cameron Maybin is one of the top prep school prospects in this year's draft class. The Arden, N.C., native from T.C. Roberson High School has five-tool potential and has drawn comparisons to Ken Griffey Jr. He's agreed to share his experiences leading up to the June 7 draft with MLB.com.

It's been a good couple of weeks for my team and for me personally.

We've been playing very well. We just started playoffs two weeks ago. Now we're entering the third round of playoffs. Everybody's happy with the team's success. Team-wise, we're just shooting for the state championship.

My season's continued to go well. I was named the Gatorade State Player of the Year for the second year in a row. I've had the senior season I was shooting for.

Team and personal success are often combined. I broke the state run record. My getting on base and my team knocking me in has definitely helped the team.

As we've gotten closer to draft day, we've definitely noticed more general managers and more scouting directors coming in. Our success in the playoffs has definitely helped. It gives pro teams that much longer to watch you some more, as opposed to being knocked out early. It's helped them to see me and see the other good players on our team. And since it's the playoffs, they're seeing us and me against better competition than they might have in the past. And we've beaten two good teams.

I'm kind of used to all of the scouts being around. They come to practices quite a bit. They're trying to get to know me a little better off the field. They're getting a good feeling of how I am as a person.

I have to say that everybody's been pretty good about how they're handling the stuff. The only thing that's surprised me is that we've had a lot of fan support, which is good. But scout-wise, everybody's been pretty good with the process.

Some people might think that it's hard for a high school player to handle all of this. But the thing about baseball, I have fun with it. It doesn't put stress on me the way people might think. As far as me being a normal student, everything is still the same. I just got done with the prom, I had fun with that. I don't feel any pressure from baseball. My friends ask me about who you want to go to, what I want to do, but aside from those questions, I'm still the same Cameron.

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