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10/02/05 10:45 PM ET

Red Sox-White Sox starting rotations

Starting rotations

  Chicago White Sox

 Jose Contreras RHP
He has what manager Ozzie Guillen describes as "the best arm" on the staff. The difference in the second half of the season, when Contreras went 11-2, was his improved command. He has emerged as the stretch ace of the team.
Pitches: Fastball (generally mid-90s, tops out at 96), split-fingered fastball, slider, changeup

 Mark Buehrle LHP
A command pitcher and an innings-eater, Buehrle slipped to some extent in the second half, but finished strong in his last two starts and was 16-8. Typically, he walked just 40 in 236 2/3 innings. He has been the most consistent White Sox starter over time, throwing a very effective sinker that allows him to get outs quickly and pitch with economy.
Pitches: Fastball (90-92), sinker, cut fastball, slider, changeup

 Freddy Garcia RHP
Another workhorse over the course of his career, he did not have his peak season for the Sox, but at 14-8 he was a reliable part of a strong rotation.
Pitches: Fastball (tops out at 94), slider, changeup

 Jon Garland RHP
Garland had the breakout season the White Sox were hoping for, going 18-10, despite a 3-5 record in his last 11 starts. He threw more strikes this season, and his confidence grew as Guillen showed a willingness to stay with him if he had difficulties in the middle innings.
Pitches: Fastball (92-93), sinker, slider, changeup

  Boston Red Sox

 Matt Clement RHP
For the second straight season, Clement broke down severely in the second half, leaving his playoff value up in the air. He was 10-2 with a 3.85 ERA at the All-Star Game break, and then won only three of his last 14 starts. If these late-season spirals have gotten into his head, his natural aggression could be tempered.
Pitches: Slider, four-seam fastball, sinker
Speed: 85-94 mph

 David Wells LHP
Irreverence rules. Wells' iconoclast attitude is one reason he is such a big-game pitcher, the type who can't be lured out of his natural style by stressful situations. His control is legendary and, on the few occasions it strays, he has the confidence and presence of mind to quickly get it back.
Pitches: Fastball, curve, changeup
Speed: 78-90 mph

 Tim Wakefield RHP
He had a money September (nine earned runs in five starts) before getting rocked in his first October start on Saturday against the Yankees. He's a notorious streak pitcher, so the Sox hope it wasn't the onset of the bad streak. There is no in-between with the veteran, since he depends so much on the feel for his knuckler.
Pitches: Knuckleball, fastball, curve
Speed: 68-82 mph

 Curt Schilling RHP
By this late stage of the season, many are pitching on fumes. Schilling, while his arm has been preserved during his recovery from ankle surgery, is pitching by rote. He still isn't in condition to line up too many strong starts, but can always answer the drum roll with a quality effort.
Pitches: Fastball, curve, split-fingered fastball, slider, changeup
Speed: 83-95 mph

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