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10/04/05 7:40 PM ET

Astros ready to get it started

Burke says Houston is confident heading into Game 1

When we left this morning for the airport, I think there was definitely a bit of excitement among the guys. I think everybody would have liked to get the playoffs started today, but nevertheless, the anticipation will make things that much more exciting come tomorrow.

We have a bunch of guys that have been here before, a few guys that haven't, but we just feel really good about the guys we're going to send to the mound.

When you're used to playing every day, two days in between the last game of the regular season and the first game of the playoffs is a long time to be off. But at the same time, we played 162 games in about 180 days. We've got some veteran guys here that aren't going to miss a beat. A lot of guys could probably use a rest. The Braves are probably in the same situation as we are.

Tomorrow, there will be so much excitement, so much adrenaline flowing, that the last two days will probably feel like they didn't even happen.

I doubt I'll lose any sleep tonight -- I've never had a problem putting my head down and going to sleep. One thing about the game of baseball is you play so much, even though the playoffs are obviously a much different level and a much different stage, I think guys will take the same kind of workman-like attitude toward each game.

Being in Atlanta brings back memories of the whole season, which has been a roller-coaster ride for me personally. I was sent down in May when we were here playing the Braves, and I was kind of in a tough place. That was as hard a night as I had in baseball. For me, I was kind of lost. I had no clue where my place was in the organization. It was a tough day, but luckily, I really enjoy playing the game. So even when I was down there in Triple-A, I was having fun playing. I enjoy my teammates and the coaching staff is great, so that's what I fell back on.

When I came back up to the big leagues and I had an opportunity to play, obviously, that was exciting. I've had ups and downs in terms of my performance, too. I've had good runs and bad runs, but in all honesty, I learned a lot.

It's been a crazy ride for this team this year. When you look at it from the big picture, from the past looking forward, it seems like such an uphill climb. But we play so many games in a season, and we had a lot of talent on this team. Little by little, here we are.

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