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10/05/05 1:18 AM ET

Playoffs are unpredictable

Cano an unlikely hero, bounces go wrong way for Angels

ANAHEIM -- It is frustrating to drop the first game, especially at home.

We had a great crowd, it was a great atmosphere, but the Yankees took the crowd right out of it early and we couldn't get anything going. I'm just glad this isn't a one-game playoff.

I think you saw tonight that it really doesn't matter what you do all season; it matters what you bring tonight. Look at Robinson Cano. He is not the player you would expect would be the one to do the job, not with all the other players they have in that lineup. And Mike Mussina has a sore elbow, so you might expect him to not be sharp, but he was.

You have to give Mussina credit. He battled and he threw strikes even without his best stuff.

It shows that in a five-game series, the heroes don't have to be the superstars and that someone unexpected is going to show up. From our end, if Steve Finley's ball doesn't hop the wall, we score a run and if Garret Anderson is playing normal depth, the outcome is likely different, but he was playing in to choke off a hit and it goes over his head.

Everybody thinks there is a formula for the playoffs and there is no one way to win. People would have picked us tonight with Bartolo Colon going, the probable Cy Young winner, but it didn't work out that way.

Every run is crucial now and every hit and every pitch. You feel the pressure now, but this is what you prepare for from Spring Training and through the regular season, and you look forward to it.

Colon didn't pitch badly tonight and he didn't look a whole lot different than he usually does, but they put the ball in play. Gary Sheffield just put the ball in play in the first and that extended that inning and, after Matsui's hit, Cano came up with big hit that Garret would have caught had he been in a normal defensive position.

We're feeling it tomorrow. It is not a must-win situation, because every game is crucial regardless. We still have a chance, but you don't want to go into their place down 0-2.

I expect John Lackey to go deep in the game and hand the ball over to the bullpen late in the game. He can't control how many runs we score, and that can be said for every game in the rest of the series.

We are going to need quality starting pitching from here on.

Paul Byrd's journal appears as told to MLB.com reporter Mike Scarr. Byrd's journal will appear regularly while the Angels are in the playoffs. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.