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10/07/05 5:08 PM ET

Garland pregame interview

Pitcher talks about potential Game 4 start

Is it tough, you're in limbo if you're going to be starting tomorrow. How do you feel about that?

JON GARLAND: Regardless of what happens tonight, I'm gearing myself up to what I have to do tomorrow. Whatever happens after that, happens.

Is this hard for you, the pitcher, to watch all these games?

GARLAND: It's awesome, exciting. It's fun. To prepare myself to start, I watch the games before I get going and get on that mound.

Jon, how are you taking advantage of the extra time between starts? What have you done?

GARLAND: I've taken the days off. I haven't done anything else, maybe throwing a little bit more in the outfield, but as far as being on the mound, haven't done anything special.

Jon, what have you learned watching the first two games and just the Playoff atmosphere, what have you learned?

GARLAND: There's not much to it. If you don't take the same approach, bad things will come out. If you try to do too much, things never work out. I've watched players and starting pitchers get ready for the games. Nothing's changed. I'll go about it the same way.

Before this, what's the biggest game you started in?

GARLAND: I think every one in my career. Just having a chance to go out on a Big League field and start for a team, you've got to take pride in that. Hopefully this will go in the books as one of the top ones.

Jon, can you talk about the challenges pitching at Fenway presents.

GARLAND: Pitching here is always tough, regardless of the Playoffs or not. We came here this year and saw the crowd, the crowd is getting a little rowdy, but it's fun, exciting at the same time to go up for that challenge and come up here and hopefully stop them.

Jon, looking back on it, I don't know if you can get a perspective on it yet, but what does it do for a team to finish up so strongly?

GARLAND: Regardless of the five wins, I think our biggest thing was going to Cleveland relaxed and not having any pressure on us and going in there and being able to play the baseball we played all year long.

Everybody was having fun and enjoying themselves. That's the way we were in the beginning of the year. I think it's carried over in the Playoffs.

Jon, the times that you struggled, what was going on and how did you get out of it?

GARLAND: Making bad pitches. When you're on the mound, that's what it comes down to, making quality pitches. If you make mistakes, the hitter will capitalize. Down the stretch, I don't know if I was getting tired or trying to do too much for my team, but I wasn't making the quality pitches I was early in the season and guys weren't missing.

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