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10/11/05 6:10 PM ET

Staying focused through elation

Burke knows there is a lot of baseball left to play

Chris Burke is providing daily commentary to MLB.com throughout his team's postseason run. Burke talks about the aftermath of his 18th-inning walk-off homer that propelled the Astros to the NLCS.

Monday was a busy, hectic day. I spent most of it on the phone doing interviews with all kinds of shows, including Jim Rome and Dan Patrick. Listening to Rome and Patrick a lot growing up, it was kind of fun to be on their show and talk to them a little bit.

The day was a lot of fun from the standpoint of hearing from old friends and family -- and old coaches. That was the special part of the day for me. It lets you know how many people are following you and care about you. It's nice when you can hear the excitement in their voices and think maybe you did something to brighten their day a little bit. It was nice.

I had 30 messages on my cell phone immediately following Sunday's game. From that point until this morning, people were calling and saying, "I called you, but your voice mail was full." So then I had text messages. It was outrageous. I got so tired of hearing the ring on my phone that I had to change it to another ring, because it just got annoying. It's been bizarre. But it's just nice to know how many people are following you and rooting for you.

My wife was in the stands for Sunday's game, and at first, when I got the hit, she was very much like every fan -- thankful the game was over and glad we had won. But she was very much excited and proud that I was able to get that hit. For her, unfortunately, she hasn't been around for too many of my best games or big moments. It was nice that she was in the stands for something good.

After the game on Sunday, I really didn't have trouble falling asleep, but I kept waking up. After a while, I couldn't fall back to sleep. My head was spinning. I just had a lot of things on my mind. The emotion of the day helped me go to sleep easily.

I'm just excited that we're going to keep playing. Our story's far from done. My hit helped us get to this point, but hopefully there will many more hits. I was telling my wife, "Someone can hit a walkoff homer to send us to the World Series, and I'll be forgotten." There's just a lot of baseball left to play, and I'm excited for this team.

Chris Burke's postseason diary appears as told to Alyson Footer, a reporter for MLB.com. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.