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10/17/05 2:11 AM ET

Byrd disappointed in his outing

Right-hander enjoyed his season with AL West champs

ANAHEIM -- We needed perfection in this series and we just couldn't do it.

The White Sox pitched as well as I've ever seen in a series. Their starters were just phenomenal. But it was a complete win for them. They came through with the big hits, they came through with the timely hits. They won as a team and you have to tip your cap to them.

As well as they played, in the end it was nearly impossible to overcome.

It's tough because I thought we were hot and I thought we had some momentum coming into this series, but they got the big hits and we didn't. They were able to string them together and we weren't.

But the Angels players need to come out of this with their heads held high. Guys are banged up and we had to put up with a lot this season, but as far as I'm concerned, you have to leave it on the field and that is exactly what we did.

We went out and played as a team all year. We won as a team and in this series, we played our guts out and lost as a team.

You know, I've played for a lot of teams and been in a lot of clubhouses, some good and some bad. But I've never been in a clubhouse like this one. I've never been on a team where everybody liked everyone and there were no big egos. A lot of teams have cliques, but not this one and it has been great to be a part of that.

It is a shame that we can't keep it going into the World Series, because it would be great to win a championship with this group.

I was disappointed in my outing tonight. It will take a couple of weeks before I stop thinking about every pitch. But the bottom line is, I needed to throw a shutout tonight and I couldn't do it.

I kept my team in the game, but it wasn't quite enough.

I really would have liked to see Game 2 end without that call. I think that would have changed some things. Then we came out of the off-day a little flat.

I really liked my year here. I would like to come back, but that is out of my control. I absolutely feel this team has the potential to go even further next year and it will be exciting to watch and see how they do.

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