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10/26/05 3:48 AM ET

There's more work to do

Winning Game 3 was great, but Astros won't go quietly

It was a long and tiring night for Aaron Rowand.

He played almost six hours of baseball. He batted six official times, scored an insurance run in the 14th inning and struck out three times for good measure. But he ended up on the winning end of the 7-5 final in 14 innings, so that's the only thing he will remember.

We are in an exciting place right now, there's no about it. I would be lying to you if I said it wasn't.

Obviously, we still need to go out and play today and go out and put forth a good effort and really act like it's Game 7. We don't want to give them any breathing room whatsoever. We knew there was going to be a battle every game and so far it has been.

When Geoff (Blum) hit that ball in the 14th, all I was saying was "Get up." I know he hit it hard. It ended up getting up. There's that short porch down there and he hit a rope.

Geoff came in fresh when he entered the game, which really helped. A bunch of us were putting too much pressure on ourselves to get something going. He came in and did a helluva job. That was huge.

Adding Geoff was a good move by Kenny (Williams, the general manager) at the deadline. I had known Geoff for a while, even before he came here. He's a Southern California guy, too. I played against his brother.

He's a great guy. Everyone knew that in San Diego (Blum's previous team), and they know that in the other clubhouse here, too. He's a quality guy and a good ballplayer.

The bullpen did a great job for us. We walked some guys and got in tough spots, but they always managed to pitch out of it. I admit there were a couple of times there where you are out there saying, "Is this it? It might be the game." But one way or another, they got out of it and gave Geoff a chance to do what he did.

This team all season long has been one unit. It has always been somebody different who came through in big situations. I remember Ozzie (Guillen, the manager) and Kenny giving us a speech back in Spring Training that we would need everyone this year to win a championship. And we have all season.

I feel very tired right now. I'll go home and get some sleep and come back later today. I feel drained, but it's a lot easier to not be drained if you get a win than a loss. I'll just go home and get a good night's sleep and get out there and get at it tomorrow.

We still have a lot of work to do. You can enjoy the win and the situation we are in right now. But the bottom line is we have to win another game to get the championship. The Astros won't lie down, not in this park and with their fans behind them. They won't roll over tomorrow.

Aaron Rowand's postseason diary appears as told to Scott Merkin, a reporter for MLB.com. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.