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10/27/05 1:38 AM ET

We will go down in history as a group

Rowand says winning Series is greatest moment of his career

Aaron Rowand's style of play basically defines what the 2005 White Sox were all about. He might not be the most talented player on the field at all times, but he certainly doesn't leave anything out there effort-wise.

That all-out effort from the White Sox officially has anointed them as the 2005 World Series champions. And Rowand was a key figure during that impressive drive to the franchise's first title in 88 years.

In between hugging his wife and schmoozing with rocker Steve Perry, his new Hollywood friend, Rowand talked to MLB.com for the final installment of his playoff journal.

This is the greatest moment of my career, and to share it with my family and all these guys is beyond something special. It goes back to all the hard work and time we put in during the offseason and during Spring Training. It goes back to the grind you go through all season long.

I mean, nobody quit. We might not have a team full of superstars, but we have a bunch of gamers from top to bottom. We go out and play hard every day.

Winning the deciding game, 1-0, yeah, that's about right. That's what this team has been about all year. It sums up our entire season perfectly. When (Orlando Palmeiro) hit that final ground ball to Juan (Uribe), I was just thinking that I know he has a hose (for an arm) and I just hope he can get him.

All of our games this season have been that way. This is nothing new. If you followed this team all season, you would know we didn't blow out a lot of people. Our motto is we don't score any more than we need. It came down that way in the regular season and the postseason. Our only blowout was the playoff opener against Boston. Otherwise, it was mostly one-, two- or three-run games.

Houston is a very good team. We knew it would be close and every game would go down to the wire. All three teams we played in the playoffs were outstanding teams. We just happened to get timely hits when we needed them.

We will go down in history as a group, not one guy but a team. To be part of that team is something you can't put into words. I love every single guy on this team. We enjoyed being around each other and we have something special here.

There's something to be said for the way everyone meshed in the clubhouse and away from the clubhouse. I hope everyone on this roster is back again next year. I'm certainly not the general manager, but I hope all of us are back here.

Aaron Rowand's postseason diary appears as told to Scott Merkin, a reporter for MLB.com. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.